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Category – Student Life - 2013

Posted Dec. 27, 2013

Why You Should Join A Student Society As A Postgrad

This blog outlines the reasons why you should join a student society as a postgrad

Posted Dec. 23, 2013

5 Things To Do Before You Leave University

Your time at University is one that you are bound to remember. Here are 5 things you absolutely must do before you graduate!

Posted Dec. 18, 2013

Dealing With Difficult Student Flatmates

Are you currently dealing with difficult flatmates, or concerned that a bad relationship at home might get in the way of your studies? Read on for some advice.

Posted Nov. 25, 2013

5 Cheap Alternatives to Student Nights Out

Are you struggling with money and not able to afford nights out? Here are 5 cheap alternatives to not miss out on the fun.

Posted Nov. 8, 2013

Postgrad Living - Onsite or Private?

When you decide to study for your postgraduate degree in the UK, one of the most important things you need to consider is where you are going to live.

Posted Nov. 4, 2013

What To Do When You Get To Uni

Starting a postgraduate degree course is an exciting, and sometimes daunting, experience. Here are a few things, which you might find it useful to do when you arrive at uni.

Posted Sept. 23, 2013

Student Living - Eco-Style!

Despite the busy life you are leading, you may also want to take the time to ensure that your lifestyle is eco-friendly. Find out how

Posted Sept. 20, 2013

Postgrad Living: On Campus or Private?

Once you’ve been accepted for postgraduate studies, you have a major decision to make about where you want to live.

Posted Sept. 11, 2013

Student Journalism: Is It Worth It?

Is it worth embarking on student journalism during your masters degree? Let's take a look.

Posted Sept. 6, 2013

4 Things To Find Out About Your Student City

Are you moving overseas for your postgraduate studies? Here are 4 things you should locate in your new city as soon as possible.

Posted Aug. 30, 2013

Making A Rented Student House Into Home

Here are some useful tips that you can use as a student to create a homely atmosphere in a rented house.

Posted Aug. 28, 2013

Volunteering During Postgraduate Study

You may think that volunteering will take up too much valuable time, but give some thought to the many advantages derived from volunteering.

Posted Aug. 26, 2013

5 Essential Purchases for Postgraduates

Do you know what are the top 5 essentials to buy before you start studying a postgraduate degree? Here is a list of the must-haves.

Posted Aug. 23, 2013

5 Ways for Postgrads to Keep Fit

Are you worried that your workload will make you get out of shape? Here are 5 amazing and unexpected ways for postgrads to stay in top shape.

Posted Aug. 12, 2013

Postgraduate study: things to know before you start

If you are the kind of person who loves the process of studying, and wants to keep going then you are doing great. Being passionate about the subject you're studying …

Posted July 26, 2013

Sharing a student house: what to expect

Once you’ve found the perfect student accommodation to suit your needs it’s time to consider both the positive and challenging aspects of communal living.

Posted July 24, 2013

What is university like for mature students?

UK universities are now seeing a significant rise in the number of mature students returning to university,

Posted July 19, 2013

20 Life Hacks to Keep You Sane

A life hack is an action or shortcut that makes life easier, and when you are saddled with postgraduate deadlines, interviews and work, who would not like things to be …

Posted June 28, 2013

More MBA Graduates Being Lured in by Public Sector Jobs

An MBA is one of the most popular masters degree courses available, and interest in the course is always extremely high as the key skills learned are adaptable to a …

Posted June 18, 2013

Feeding Your Brain

As a postgraduate student, your brain might well be your most valuable asset. Here are some ways of nurturing and looking after this amazing organ.

Posted June 3, 2013

Understanding University Jargon and Acronyms

Attending a new university will mean getting to grips with the multiple acronyms and jargon terms that are used by lecturers and students – find out more

Posted May 21, 2013

3 Types of University Relationships You Should Avoid

University is all about creating new experiences, meeting new people, and forming new relationships – but is this always a good thing?

Posted April 5, 2013

Awesome Blogs Every Postgraduate Student Should Read

Once you have read our blog, why not check out some of these awesome student blogs? They are solely dedicated to postgraduate studies.

Posted March 20, 2013

Take a Hike to Boost Creativity

If you are suffering from writers block, lack of inspiration, or a lull in creativity, why not use the power of nature to rediscover your inner Da Vinci and get …

Posted March 7, 2013

Long Distance Relationship Survival Tips

If you are embarking on a university course away from home and leaving your loved one in a far away location, here are some tips to help keep your relationship …

Posted Feb. 26, 2013

What to Expect from Postgraduate Life

Not quite sure what to expect from postgraduate life? Here's a taster...

Posted Feb. 18, 2013

8 Reasons You Should Blog About Your Postgraduate Life

Surely the last thing you would want to do is start blogging... Wrong! Blogging is awesome for a whole host of reasons. Here's just a few:

Posted Feb. 12, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Postgraduate Student House

Finding the perfect student house can be a difficult task as there are many different aspects to consider such as location, price, and contracts. Here are some key elements that …

Posted Feb. 11, 2013

How to Make Postgraduate Deadlines Less Stressful

Want to know how to make postgraduate deadlines less stressful? Here's how...

Posted Feb. 5, 2013

Keeping Your Postgraduate Fridge in Tip-Top Shape

Ensuring your postgraduate fridge is in tip-top shape will not only help you save money, it will keep you healthy as well!Chances are you're not using your fridge to its …

Posted Jan. 31, 2013

8 People That Will Inspire You to Succeed in Your Masters Degree

Check out our list of 8 people we believe will help inspire you to succeed in your postgraduate degree.

Posted Jan. 28, 2013

10 Movies All About University Life

Can't quite remember what university life is really like, or simply looking for a way to get back into the swing of things?Garb your friends, dim the lights, and pick …

Posted Jan. 24, 2013

7 Great Ways to Get Your Postgraduate Self Out of Bed

Do you struggle to get out of bed each morning? Here are 8 great ways to get yourself off to a great start every day.

Posted Jan. 23, 2013

8 Simple Ways to Make Friends at Uni

Making new friends when starting postgraduate study can be nerve wracking. Luckily for you we've got 8 simple ways to make the process easier.

Posted Jan. 21, 2013

The Scariest Things About Being a Postgraduate Student

Being a postgraduate student can mean many fun times lie ahead, but it also means many terrifying ones too! So what are some of these scary things we speak of...?

Posted Jan. 9, 2013

Find the Perfect Postgrad Balance

A good balance between work, play and rest is essential to study at your full capacity and get the most out of your postgraduate degree.

Posted Jan. 2, 2013

How to Start Your Own Postgraduate Society

University societies are all about a group of like minded individuals organically coming together to share their interest and passion for a certain activity. Find out how you can start …

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