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Posted Feb. 18, 2013

8 Reasons You Should Blog About Your Postgraduate Life

Okay so you've got enough things on your plate to want to add anything that's just going to take up more of your precious postgraduate time .

Surely the last thing you would want to do is start blogging...


Blogging is awesome for a whole host of reasons. Here's just a few:

Express Thoughts and Opinions - The ultimate reason for creating a personal blog about your postgraduate life is to express your thoughts and opinions. Got something to say? Put it on your blog and share it with the world.

Document Your Life - The great thing about personal blogs, as opposed to professional ones, is you can post any old rubbish that takes your fancy. A personal blog allows you to take whatever's in your head, be it pictures, videos, jokes, bits of news, memorable life events, and create a sort of record. Perfect for reminiscing over with your grandchildren one day!

Building Relationships - Who doesn't want to connect like-minded people? Blogging brings people together. If you're real friends don't give a fig about your blogging endeavours, you're brand spanking new online ones definitely will!

To Help People - How good would it feel to help other postgraduate students going through the same situation as you? Your blog can act as a guiding light to fellow students. How cool is that!

Stay Connected With Friends and Family - No matter where you are in the country, or in the world for that matter, blogging is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as keep them posted on your new and exciting postgraduate life.

Expand Knowledge in Chosen Field - Due to the fact you'll need to find fresh information on a regular basis, running a blog will help you to widen your knowledge in your chosen field. Whether you're blogging about your MA in Psychology or how to get the most out of student discounts, you'll always be learning something new.

To Make Money - There are all sorts of ways you can monetize your blog from advertising to direct sales. The choice is yours. And that's not all - plenty of bloggers have landed themselves sweet paying jobs from simply putting themselves out there. I guess you could say blogs are the new CV!

For Fun - Last but not least, blogging is fun! Successful blogging is all about sharing your passion. This is your chance to blow off steam, get creative and let loose a little!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there are start blogging today about your postgraduate adventures .


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