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Postgraduate Programs in Architecture, Construction and Transport

Postgraduate Programs In Architecture

Find postgraduate programs in ARCHITECTURE

Masters degree programs in architecture will look at the ways to plan, design and construct buildings and other structures. They will approach the design and creation of a building or structure from both an art and a science perspective, exploring various different elements.

Postgraduate programs in architecture

These will include the design process – both free drawing and computer based; urban development; ecological and environmental issues that are potentially affected by architecture and can help to shape it both visually and developmentally; sustainable development; and maintaining historic buildings and architecture successfully. In most countries you will need to study architecture at undergraduate and postgraduate level to gain a professional qualification in architecture, for example the traditional Architecture RIBA in the UK which takes seven years to complete.

There is a wide variety of architecture postgraduate programs available throughout the world, and obviously depending on where you choose to study could very much influence the content of your course – as the surroundings of your chosen university could have a big impact on the study modules and the lecturers’ inspirations, from the Renaissance architecture of Italy, to the post-war architecture of some parts of Eastern Europe, to the ultra-modern architecture of New York City, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Glasgow Student Student Case Study

Find out how Margarita Grigorova from Bulgaria – a student on of the MSc City Planning & Real Estate Development course at the University of Glasgow – is enjoying her postgraduate program.

Postgraduate Programs in Construction

Find postgraduate programs in CONSTRUCTION


Postgrad Program in ConstructionConstruction is closely related to the fields of architecture and civil engineering, and degree and doctorate programs in construction could include building studies, property, quantity surveying, land management, valuation as well as some much unusual subjects such as specific modelling programs. 

The construction industry is always going to be a growth industry as people will always need new places to live, work and study – not to mention new roads, tunnels and bridges to travel on. Therefore studying construction at a higher education institution is a great idea in terms of opening up some great career options.

Construction also involves aspects of planning and management as building projects need to be coordinated properly. Logistical know-how also plays an important part in construction.

Postgraduate Programs in Transport

Find postgraduate programs in TRANSPORT

Postgrad program in Transport The aim of a degree program in transport is to develop the students' ability to analyse and research transport issues. They will also give the students a skill base in transport planning as well as management issues that can arise in the successful implementation of new transport policies.

Postgraduate programs in transport can either give students a rather broad overview of the issues concerning transport – primarily management and planning – or they can give students the chance to specialise more into a particular field.

The location of your institution could play a part in determining your course content, for example many European cities have underground train networks – like London’s Underground (UK) or Paris’s Metro (France) – other cities have great tramway networks like Lisbon in Portugal – or even canal networks like in Venice or Amsterdam!

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