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Postgraduate Programs in Leisure, Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Science

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Find postgraduate programs in LEISURE

Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism

A postgraduate degree program in leisure will explore what people can do in the time that they have away from essential pursuits such as eating, sleeping, school and work. When studying leisure at a bachelors or masters level the student will need to analyse and understand the concept of leisure – and such a degree program could lead on to a career in the leisure industry which is vast and ever-growing industry.

Find postgraduate programs in HOSPITALITY

If your chosen postgraduate program is focused more on the hospitality aspect of the leisure industry it will concentrate more on the relationship between the guest and a host, for example the role played by a maitre de, hotel manager golf club host or events organiser. Therefore masters degree programs in hospitality are concerned with looking after and entertaining guests.

Tourism is a continuously growing industry as travel options mean the world is almost “shrinking” and what were once considered far-flung destinations are much more accessible. The definition of tourism is that it is the travel by choice of people to places other than to where they live. Degree programs in tourism will explore why people choose to visit other places, and what makes particular countries or regions popular tourist destinations. Students will also look at the effects of tourism on the local area and local inhabitants. The greener issues of sustainability and the environmental impact could also come be an area of study. This is an ever changing field of study and there are many interesting new courses to choose from, for example the MSc in Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability at the University of Glasgow or the Strategic Hotel Management masters at the University of Surrey.

Find postgraduate programs in TOURISM

There will often be a management element attached to a degree program in leisure, hospitality or tourism as students will often have to explore the professional elements of the leisure industry – ie what is involved in running a leisure centre or hotel.

Leisure, hospitality and tourism are all closely linked subjects and as such are often studied together at bachelors and even masters level. A student opting to do a PhD in this field will have to specialise in a one particular aspect for their research.

Sports Studies

A masters degree program in sport science will explore the scientific principles and techniques involved to improve sporting performance – and can lead the student on to a profession in a related field. A student of Sports Science will study human movement, and areas of study will include physiology, psychology, motor control, nutrition, diet and performance analysis. Swansea University has a great selection of sports science masters courses for you to consider – find out more.

Find out more about postgraduate sports courses and sporting facilities at UK universities.

Find postgraduate programs in SPORTS STUDIES

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