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Posted Jan. 17, 2022

What is it like to study a postgraduate course in London?

Meet a recent graduate from UCL (University College London) and find out what it is really like to study at a top London university and live in the capital city.

Posted Jan. 10, 2022

6 tips for international students to increase their employability in the UK

Known as the hub of top universities, the UK is the ultimate study abroad destination for millions of international students. Here's how to go on to increase your employability post …

Posted Jan. 4, 2022

UK Government postgraduate funding for 2022

Finding the right scholarship can be an extremely daunting task for any student who wants to continue their education, so here we present to you the some of the options …

Posted Dec. 20, 2021

A definitive guide to studying a masters in the UK

If you are aspiring to study in the UK, then you have arrived at the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you how to pursue your masters degree …

Posted Dec. 13, 2021

Where should you live in 2022 as a postgraduate student?

There are specific factors to look for in a student home that regular homes may not necessarily need – discover what they are.

Posted Dec. 6, 2021

Get a head start on your career with an online MSc

There are many benefits of studying an online MSc, whether you're looking to advance your profession or diversify your skill set, however it's critical to pick the correct online degree …

Posted Nov. 29, 2021

Top reasons why a Masters in Gender Studies could be right for you

The demand and relevance of gender studies are ever-increasing and it has transformed into a field that broadens perspectives and provides a major advantage in almost every career.

Posted Nov. 22, 2021

How can you ensure postgraduate success?

It’s the eternal question, how can you ensure success in your postgraduate studies?

Posted Nov. 15, 2021

4 tips for combining work and study to find the balance

We'll look at four practical actions you may take to successfully manage your career and school obligations in this article.

Posted Nov. 8, 2021

You don't have to be rich to be a postgraduate student

If you are looking to become a postgraduate student, but concerned about the costs, try not to worry as there are plenty of places to go to for financial help.

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