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Posted July 15, 2020

Are there PG programs that can’t be studied online?

To put it simply, pretty much every kind of postgraduate course can be studied in an online version – but some are more successful than others.

Posted July 9, 2020

How can you find the perfect student home?

Once you have pinpointed the area that you want to live in, how can you then find the perfect student home?

Posted June 30, 2020

What are the best subjects to study online at postgraduate level?

there are some subjects that at the postgraduate level lend themselves to studying online more than others – let’s take a look at some of the subject options.

Posted June 22, 2020

Is studying at a Russell Group university the key to success?

The Russell Group universities have some great choices of courses for postgraduate study and research, but are they the key to success? Let's take a look.

Posted June 15, 2020

5 reasons to study postgraduate law

Choosing to take the time to study postgraduate law is a big decision – particularly if you have to take time away from paid work – but it can be …

Posted June 8, 2020

Why should you embark on PG studies as a mature student?

There are many great reasons why it’s a great idea to embark on postgraduate studies as a mature student so let’s take a look at some of the main ones.

Posted June 2, 2020

What country should you study your online PG program at?

When you are looking into your online postgraduate options one aspect you should think about is where the course is based.

Posted May 27, 2020

How can you choose your postgraduate home online?

If you are trying to search for postgraduate appropriate housing entirely online, then we have a few strategies for you.

Posted May 18, 2020

Can you take all PG programs in an online version?

Let’s take a look ay some of the different postgraduate qualifications and how well they transfer to online study.

Posted May 12, 2020

How to become a postgraduate student

In this blog we’re going to run though the whys and wherefores to becoming a postgraduate student.

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