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Posted Sept. 6, 2013

4 Things To Find Out About Your Student City

When settling into the new surroundings of the university where you are taking your postgraduate course, there are a few locations you should seek to identify as soon as possible. After all, you'll be living in the area for the duration of your course, so it's best to take advantage of whatever the area may offer, particularly when you need to unwind after a late night of studying.

Socialising Hotspots Whether it's a pub, a club or a bar, the priorities of most students will be to check out the local night life. Of course, it depends on your own preferences as to the type of places you are likely to haunt, but chat to fellow students and locals to find out where to go and where to avoid. Try checking out city specific guides for recommendations too, and you could discover some top watering holes.

Top Venues for Live Acts Many university cities now play host to great venues where you can go and see local up and coming acts, whether they are musicians, comedians or anything else in between. There's nothing quite like going to see a new act live, and it's a great way to enjoy yourself when you've got some free time from studying. Also, don't forget to look out for venues that specialise in student nights, as you could get the chance to see some top acts for rock bottom prices.

Best Bets For a Bite To Eat Budgeting is part and parcel of being a student, even at postgraduate level. So, unless you have some particularly generous parents or access to a massive trust fund, it's unlikely you're going to be enjoying Michelin starred dining every night. That doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to the odd take out or restaurant treat now and again, and many places will offer student discount which makes the cost of eating out just a touch more appealing. Once again, chat to fellow students and locals to seek out the best places to eat, or check online to see which places other diners rate in your new city. Remember though, you are what you eat , so don't over indulge on the takeaways!

Places of Calm and Respite In a recent study, 70% of students say they have experienced stress . It's vital, then, that you should identify spots in your new city where you can go to clear your head and relax. It could be a local coffee shop, a spot in the local park, or maybe a particular walk which you can enjoy and unwind on. Regardless of where that spot is, the earlier you identify it, the sooner you can use it when you need to. As an added bonus, another recent study has shown that heading into the great outdoors can boost creativity by 50%, so when the dreaded writers block hits when writing an assignment, it's a great idea to have an outdoor bolt hole to blow away those cobwebs.

So there you have it, 4 things to find out about your new student city. Once you have these locations nailed down, it'll make it much easier to settle in and enjoy your new environment.

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