3 Types of University Relationships You Should Avoid

University is all about creating new experiences, meeting new people, and forming new relationships, but there are some types of relationship that should be avoided at all costs as they will not benefit you or your chances of getting the highest grades in your postgraduate degree.

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Relationship with Your Flatmate

If you are living in shared accommodation with other uni students, it is best to avoid becoming entangled in a complicated relationship or even a one night stand with any of your flatmates. It is extremely common for people sharing houses and spending a lot of time socializing together to become attracted to each other, and after a few drinks on a night out, relationships can begin to form. Although it may seem like a good idea at the time, in almost all circumstances things become extremely complicated when an (almost) inevitable breakup occurs. When this occurs with someone you are sharing a house with, life can become extremely difficult for all involved, taking up a large amount of emotional energy and keeping your mind off of your studies. Keep relations with flatmates strictly ‘friends only’ if you want academic success.

Relationship with Your Lecturer

People in a position of power always seem to exude a certain amount of attractiveness to those around them, and relationships between faculty staff and students are not unheard of. If you find yourself becoming attracted to one of your university lecturers, although it may not be against university rules to become entwined in a relationship, it could be the start of the end as far as your degree is concerned. There are two likely scenarios that could ensue, and both of them could seriously affect your focus on work and make going to lectures very awkward indeed. Firstly your advances could be rejected, leading to embarrassment and an uncomfortable situation, or secondly, you could become involved, and after breaking up with them you may feel like avoiding classes altogether, in which case you are the one who will be losing out on an expensive education.

Relationship with a Sabbatical Officer

Sabbatical officers are students who take a year off to take on positions in the student union, and although a relationship with one of these people may not seem like a problem, when a breakup happens, it can make life around the university campus a little awkward to say the least, especially if they work somewhere that you and your friends go regularly.

All in all, it is best to keep relationships at university simple and separate from your personal life if you want to maintain the maximum amount of focus throughout your postgraduate studies.

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