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Posted July 19, 2013

20 Life Hacks to Keep You Sane

Postgraduate life is hectic; okay well most people’s lives are at least a little crazy. Lucky for everyone all there are some easy changes and shortcuts that can be taken for immediate payoff and some for long-term success. A life hack is just that, an action or shortcut that makes life easier, and when you are saddled with deadlines, interviews and work, who would not like things to be a little simpler. The following is a collection of small ideas that could have big benefits for you.

Take the extra credit.

Extra credit is highly under rated in most people’s minds. The truth is sometimes completing an assignment that is not required will net you enough grade wise to cut your stress. That means that you will not need to be quite as crazy nervous any time there is a pop quiz.

Always keep some extra copies of your CV printed and ready to hand out.

By keeping some spare copies of your CV in a file, you will not find yourself in a last minute rush to get one printed out.

Know where the deals are.

A great way to save some money and cut financial woes is to know what places will give you a discount just for being a student.

Never lose a lent item again.

You know you have been there, in that moment where you cannot remember who borrowed a certain item that you need. This is an easy fix; take a picture with your cellular phone of the borrower holding the item. Just remember not to delete the photograph until it has been returned. It sounds kind of like a legal hostage situation, doesn’t it?

Hair straighteners serve more than one purpose.

Hair straighteners can be used in a pinch if you need to flatten a fold in a garment. Just be careful not to heat the garment so long that it burns or melts…that would be counterproductive.

Get the worst or hardest tasks finished first thing.

Once you finish the part of a task that you are not looking forward to, the rest will seem like a breeze.

Have a bookmark folder of online tools that will be useful in your studies.

By book marking the tools that you frequently use or have found useful in the past you will not waste time looking for them if you ever need to use them again.

Clear out the clutter in your mind and cut to the chase.

Take advantage of mind maps. They will help you sort out all your thoughts and create more clear and concise thoughts. Numerous apps and online tools will help you with this.

If you do not need to buy it, save your money for something you do need.

For all those things, that you only need once or twice, find someone that will lend you the item.

Always complete your reading before the class.

You think this one would go without saying, but you may be surprised how many people don’t do it. If you know what the material is, you will be able to ask any questions that you have in the class that deals with that material. This means that you will go into the next class clear and ready to learn something new instead of being hung up on questions about old reading materials.

Make it a point to be in every class.

Seriously! The more you miss, the more catching up you will have to do. That is a lot of extra stress, and a larger workload that is avoidable.

Keep a schedule.

Schedule everything going on in your life in one planner. This will give you a full snapshot of your obligations and will ensure you do not forget anything.

Keep your notes.

You never know when you may want to review something, or refer back to an old paper. Have a filing system so that you have what you need, when you need it.

Do not be fake or rude.

You never know which people the person you are talking to knows. You also never know where that person is going in life. It would be incredibly horrible to one day be interviewed for your dream job by the person you slighted years earlier.

Stay in shape.

Your health is important, but exercise can also help you unwind and relax.

Make contact with the faculty.

Get to know the people teaching you because they may be very valuable in the future for references or referrals.

Have a friendship base that is working toward the same degree as you are.

This will help you later when they are employed in the same field as you are. They will be a great resource when you are looking for potential employment opportunities. It also gives you people to use as a sounding board that will know what you are talking about.

Do not wait for graduation, have an action plan.

Having a plan before you graduate will allow you to make calculated choices and increase the chances of you achieving your goals.

Be a part of something bigger.

Clubs and groups are excellent networking opportunities. They also give you a chance to have a personal life – not that late night study sessions are not deeply personal… Know yourself.

Know who you are and be true to that. It will make you happier in the end. Not to mention, it will help you get to know your bad habits that you can then work to avoid.


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