Why You Should Join A Student Society As A Postgrad

As a postgraduate student, you are getting ready to enter the next phase of your life – work. You will need certain skills to make your resume stand out and ensure the hiring manager takes a second look at your C.V. One of the best ways to acquire new skills and have a great network of friends is by joining a student society. If you think student societies are all about parties and booze, think again! Here are some of the reasons why you should join a student society during a postgrad course: Increases your Employability No doubt, a student society will do wonders for your social life. You will befriend people with common interests and your social network will expand significantly. Your network of friends will go beyond your course and dorm mates. However, student societies also help you acquire new skills, qualities and knowledge. These make you more employable and demonstrate to a prospective employer that you can adapt to the new phase in your life without any issue.

Organising Skills All student societies hold events , such as competitions, matches, trips and fundraising. These events can make or break a society. If you can become an organiser, you will learn a lot about planning and organising. You also will become adept at market research, budgeting and delivering results within deadlines. These are skills that many postgrads do not have, and prospective employers will adore you for these traits. They will not have to spend time, money and effort teaching or training you, as you will already have the necessary attributes required for the job.

Team Player You do not have to have an administrative position in a student society to showcase your team player skills. Just by being an active society member and being committed to the tasks of the group will put you across as a good team player.

Time Management Skills Being a postgrad, you will have to spend a lot of time on research and writing dissertations. If you can still be an active student society member, it shows you have great time management skills, and who can prioritise work and balance personal and work life effectively. You will come across as a well-rounded individual and this will increase your chances of being hired over other candidates.

Acquire Useful Knowledge Depending on the kind of student society you join, it can be a great avenue to learn something new. Many student societies teach members some interpersonal skills, and train them on specialised topics such as marketing, finance, and health and safety. By being an active member, you can learn something new that you will be able to put to use not just in your life, but also at work. You will become better at handling responsibilities, managing money and dealing with people.

With so many student societies, it can be overwhelming to choose one. You have a choice between a sports society, a subject-based society and a miscellaneous society, to name a few. You could select a social group based on how it would come across on your C.V. or the skills and knowledge you can acquire while being a member. Of course, it also is important that you like and enjoy the activities and events the society organises.

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