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Posted Dec. 4, 2013

5 Student Hobbies That Can Help Your Career

While you are a postgraduate student, a hobby may not be something you take very seriously. You may feel you are too busy with dissertations , research and other university work to make time for a hobby. However, you will be surprised that listing a hobby on your C.V. and cover letter is considered a great way to land a job. It gives the hiring manager a perspective on your skills, which may not be apparent right after leaving the university. Furthermore, hobbies are a great way to de-stress and relax. Every day, people are drained out because of the routine things they have to do, and hobbies help such people feel rejuvenated and energised. In other words, a hobby is great for your overall well-being .

How Can Hobbies Help Your Career?

The job market has become extremely competitive . The number of people competing for a job has increased, and you want your CV to stand out in this fierce competition. One of the best ways is to list your hobbies, so that the company gets an insight into your personality and essential skills. For instance, if you were captaining your university’s cricket team, it reflects on your leadership skills and the ability to take initiatives when needed.

If you are wondering what hobbies you can take up as a student, here are five that will help you relax, enjoy yourself, and also give impetus to your career.

Learn a Foreign Language With globalisation here to stay, it pays to learn a foreign language . Whether you are travelling for work or holiday, you will be able to communicate fluently with the people of that country or region. Language is a great way to understand local culture and eliminate communication gaps. By learning a foreign language, you will be able to show prospective employers that you have a yearning for learning new things and are open to different cultures. This certainly means that you will be able to fit into a multicultural setting.
Play a Team Sport A team sport can be fun, invigorating and energising. It also keeps you fit and healthy. However, a prospective employer will see you as a team player, who can work with different people with varied personality traits. It also shows that you can take control whenever required. So, make time during your masters degree to be part of a team sport.
Volunteering This is nothing more satisfying than helping others, and one of the best ways is to volunteer . This could be at a local charity shop, soup kitchen, home for the elderly, or even at an orphanage. By volunteering, you will be learning certain key skills, such as managing and handling people from different walks of life.
Start a Society This is a wonderful way to show some initiative and your ability to manage large groups of people. Not only will this look great on your C.V., you also will get hands-on experience in these activities. It also is a way to make future employers realise that you have it in you to enjoy new experiences.
Maintain a Blog If you enjoy writing, there is no better hobby than writing a blog. For some, spending time posting articles on a blog may seem tedious and a waste of time, but it can be extremely useful at the final stage of your interview. An employer does not have the time or patience to read through your essays and dissertations; and a blog that is interesting and thought-provoking offers a way for the employer to see what drives and motivates you.
If you are still skeptical about taking up a hobby at university, think again! It can help your career and also get you many interviews, so that you have the luxury of picking up the best job offer.
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