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About masters in finance

Explore a range of masters degrees in finance here at Postgrad. Our online course finder includes a variety of degrees from different universities, with full-time, part-time and online study options to suit you.

A masters degree in finance is the ideal choice for those who want to pursue a career in the business world, for example in banking or hedge fund management. It will also provide a good grounding for entrepreneurs and those wishing to set up their own business.

To study a masters in finance, you will need to demonstrate a keen interest in the field, and this can be done by having a previous undergraduate degree in finance or another related field, such as accountancy or business.

Choose from a range of specialisms in finance. You’ll find courses including a choice of modules, such as corporate finance, risk management, international finance, portfolio management, derivatives, econometrics and equity valuation. Depending on the finance masters that you choose, some of these options will be core modules and others will be optional.

There is a variety of finance masters qualifications to choose from, including an MSc, MBA and MiF (Masters in Finance).

Why study a masters in finance?

A masters in finance is a great way to expand your knowledge in a specific area of finance and to gain essential business skills to enable you to get ahead in your career.

Some masters in finance, particularly those that very much lead onto a specific career, will be endorsed and regulated by professional bodies, for example the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, to ensure that the students who pass the relevant exam is an expert in their respective field,

If working in finance sounds like a rewarding career to you, explore our range of masters courses in finance here at Postgrad.