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About masters in architecture

Combine your technical and design skills with a masters degree in architecture. Using our online course finder, discover a range of architecture masters courses offered across top universities. Start searching today. 

Masters in architecture explore the visual and technical details involved in architectural design, as well as interdisciplinary areas including cultural, social and economic implications. Most courses are vocational, in that they lead to a direct career path in architecture. Some may even be accredited by official architecture associations, which often helps students find work placements in the area.

It is common for architecture masters degrees to include a range of optional modules, meaning you can choose to specialise in an area that interests you, and also explore more unfamiliar areas. Common areas of study include design, structural engineering, architectural history, building science and more. 

Masters in architecture can be offered as MArch, Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA) depending on the university. MSc degrees tend to be more research focused, whereas MA degrees tend to be more design focused.

Why study a masters in architecture? 

Studying architecture is hugely rewarding. Not only is architecture an integral part of our everyday lives, it gives those who study it the chance to express their creative abilities and improve society through the use of building structures.

It’s a great choice of masters for any student with both a creative and technical flare. 

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