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About masters in psychology

Discover masters degrees in psychology using our online masters finder. You’ll find a range of psychology masters courses at different universities, with a range of ways to study – including full-time, part–time and online study options.

A masters in psychology will expand your existing knowledge in psychology, giving you the skills you need to pursue a career in a chartered psychological field, or other profession. Whether you’re looking to go into a psychology-related career, or something else entirely, a psychology masters gives you a huge range of valuable skills that will enhance your employment opportunities. 

A career in psychology is extremely rewarding. For instance, as a clinical psychologist, you’ll improve the lives of patients by helping them work on their mental health issues, applying your psychological knowledge to introduce the right support strategies.

You’ll learn all about human behaviour in a psychology masters. Most degrees provide the option to specialise in a particular field of psychology. For instance, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, children's psychology, adult psychology and more.

Some masters courses prepare you for professional practice, such as counselling or forensic psychology, while others prepare you for further study at the doctoral level. 

Why study a masters in psychology?

A masters in psychology is the perfect way to build on your existing undergraduate knowledge. Many study a psychology masters in order to pursue further study, although many also study this degree to prepare for their career. 

It is also a great option for non-psychology graduates who want to gain the necessary qualifications for a career in psychology. 

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