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Bangor University: Clinical and Health Psychology

Institution Bangor University View institution profile
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Clinical psychology involves applying psychological understanding to difficulties connected with mental or physical health problems. Using this understanding, clinical psychologists assess and treat people of all ages and ability levels who are experiencing psychological distress, behavioural problems or related issues. Students taking the MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology will be introduced to the theory and knowledge that underpins effective practice in clinical psychology, will explore this in relation to a range of conditions, will gain an understanding of the range of research methods used by clinical psychologists, and will conduct their own research project in a relevant area.

Students wishing to can exit the programme after achieving either a PG Certificate or PG Diploma if they don’t wish to undertake the full MSc.

How the course can further your career progression

This course will be of particular interest to: - graduates in psychology who are aiming for a career in clinical psychology and who do not yet have relevant work experience. Completing the MSc provides a sound basis for obtaining employment as an assistant psychologist and later gaining entry to clinical training.

  • graduates in psychology who are aiming for a career in clinical psychology and who have already gained relevant work experience. Completing the MSc course provides evidence of academic and research skills, which is valuable when making applications for clinical training.

  • graduates in psychology or closely related disciplines who are keen to pursue research in the area of clinical psychology. The MSc course is accredited as providing an appropriate research training for those wishing to progress to a PhD or to employment in a research post.

  • qualified health professionals with an appropriate academic background who wish to extend their understanding of clinical psychology.

Clinical psychology training in the UK involves the completion of a three-year training programme leading to a doctorate in clinical psychology and eligibility to apply for chartered clinical psychologist status. The training is funded by the National Health Service (NHS) and almost all trainees go on to work in the NHS after qualifying. Entry to these programmes is highly competitive and applicants must have good academic and research skills as well as relevant work experience, usually two years in a paid, full-time assistant psychologist position or equivalent. The MSc Clinical and Health Psychology aims to provide students with a profile of academic knowledge and research skills which, combined with relevant work experience, will equip them to make a credible application for clinical psychology training, either in the UK or elsewhere. The School of Psychology offers both the MSc Clinical and Health Psychology and the MSc Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology; both these courses are equally relevant as a precursor to clinical psychology training.


Bangor University

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