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x5 Postgraduate Solutions Study Bursaries worth £2,000 each

Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries

We have launched 5 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries for 2024 worth £2,000 each towards postgraduate studies for the upcoming academic year – and every postgraduate student is eligible to apply whatever their subject choice and whether they are studying full time, part time, online or via blended learning. And, even if a student has secured other funding for their PG program we are happy to top this up with one of our £2,000 bursaries!

It's really quick and easy to apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £2,000, simply complete the Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries application form on this page, including details of your postgraduate course, and write a 200-word piece about why you should receive one of our £2,000 bursaries. The whole process will only take few minutes.

In the majority of cases payment of the award will be made direct to your institution and will be discounted from your fees as appropriate. In some circumstances payment can be put towards student living costs and accommodation upon receipt of necessary documentation. You may only apply for a bursary after you have accepted an offer of a place at your chosen institution.

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The closing date for all entries is Monday 30th September 2024.

Q: When will I find out if I have won a bursary?

A: If you are a winner of a bursary we will be in contact with you by 31 October 2024. If you are not a winning recipient of a bursary you will not be contacted separately. Due to the large number of applications we receive this is not feasible for us to do.

Q: Can I write more than 200 words?

A: Please do stick to the word limit but you won't be penalised if you go over or under the word limit within 25 words.

Q: What nationality do you need to be to apply?

A: The bursaries are open to all students of all nationalities.

Q: Do I need to have been accepted on a course to apply?

A: Yes – you need to have secured a place on a PG program. 

Q: What if I have been accepted on several courses and not yet made up my mind which one I will go to?

A: Please list all universities that you considering and that you have been accepted on a course at.

Q: Does it matter when my course starts?

A: For our 2023 bursaries you will need to have started your course before the end of January 2025, hence a January 2024 start date, September/October 2024 or January 2025 start date are all acceptable. It is also fine if you are already on a course that will roll over to 2024, for example a PhD or distance learning course.

Q: Are the bursaries awarded for financial or academic reasons?

A: We award bursaries for a variety of reasons. The judges look at the 200-word free text to assess the most compelling arguments.

Q: Does the course have to be full time?

A: No – it can be part time, full time, blended learning or online/distance learning.

Q: What about if I have already secured other funding?

A: We are happy to award our bursaries if you have already received other scholarships and bursaries, and if your tuition fees are covered we will award the £2,000 bursary towards living costs upon receipt of the necessary documentation.

Q: Is there an age limit for applicants?

A: No – as long as you are over 18 years old and studying a postgraduate program you are eligible to apply.

The very best of luck with your application and your future studies.

The Postgrad Solutions Team


Terms & conditions
1 Entries will not be read beyond the 200-word limit, so please do not exceed the word limit. 2 The winners will be solely judged as the students articulating the best reason for deserving an award in their 200-word entry. The decision will not be linked to institution choice. 3 All winners will be notified by 31 October 2024. If you have not heard from Postgrad Solutions by this date, your application will have been unsuccessful. 4 Postgrad Solutions will contact the institutions where the winners will be studying directly to confirm that they have started their studies, and payment of the bursaries will be made on 1 December 2024. 5 You can only apply for a bursary once you have accepted an offer of a place at your chosen institution. 6 Closing date for all entries is 30 September 2024. 7 Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Your email address WILL NOT be given to any third parties and only used for the purpose of us contacting you if you are a winner. Your name, nationality and course details may, however, be shared with the Higher Education Institution you have detailed in your application for verification purposes so that bursary can be paid.

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