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About masters in fine arts

A masters in fine arts gives you the skills and knowledge you need to practice as a professional artist. Most fine arts masters incorporate theoretical and practical aspects, giving students the opportunity to develop an artistic acumen, alongside developing a refined art portfolio. 

Courses involve a range of learning experiences across different disciplines of art. From photography, painting, theatre, sculptures, performing arts and several more, you’ll get the chance to understand what it means to be an artist in an area that interests you.

The majority of students who pursue a masters in fine arts have studied humanities, arts or social science subjects at undergraduate level. Though, it is possible to study an MA in fine arts if you don’t have a qualification in one of these areas.

Masters programs in fine arts differ across institutions, but most courses are assessed through art portfolios, coursework, peer review and critique of art theory. It will usually also involve independent research, and thesis work.

Entry requirements will depend on the university, so be sure to check the specific course descriptions. 

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Why study a masters in fine arts?

Studying a masters in fine arts is hugely rewarding. It will unlock your ability to think critically and develop true artistic practice. You’ll also engage with wider social and cultural concerns, giving you key skills beyond the discipline of art.

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