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About masters in data science

A data science masters involves studying the methods, principles and systems for extracting knowledge from large amounts of data. 

Large data sets are collected in almost every industry, from healthcare to social media. Organisations rely on data scientists to analyse raw data and translate it into meaningful information that can be used to improve their operations. 

Our online course finder allows you to search for data science masters courses at a variety of UK universities. Students can specialise in a particular field such as data science with health, mathematics or artificial intelligence. 

If you are looking to enhance your career opportunities, an MSc postgraduate course will give you in-depth, specialist knowledge of advanced data science. 

Unlock your data science career by applying for a data science masters degree today. 

Why study a masters in data science?

Businesses are driven by data and the demand for data professionals is increasing worldwide. Using quantitative analysis skills, you will help organisations make meaningful decisions that deliver positive change.  

Data science is a thriving career and roles include data architect, data engineer, machine learning engineer, business or marketing analyst, data statistician or data manager. 

Whether you are looking to start out your data career or improve on your existing experience, then a postgraduate degree in data could be the perfect option for you. 

Explore data science masters courses at Postgrad today. a