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Posted Jan. 22, 2018

Postgrad Student Living – The Key To Success

Fresh Student LivingYour accommodation is a key ingredient to the overall success of your postgraduate course, and when you're setting up a new home in a new area it's all the more important. Having a place to go to where you can relax and feel at home is easy when you know your housemates, have picked the right accommodation, created a good study area and made your postgraduate student place feel like home

Here are a few key considerations to ensure you can make your postgrad house an ideal home.

Student success

Choose somewhere safe & secure

Obviously everyone wants to feel safe in their own homes and you should take advice from your university as to where the safest parts of your new hometown are. Purpose-built student accommodation provider Fresh has well located buildings featuring multiple security features, including locked windows and doors, but also key entry into the common areas of their halls of residence as well. All of Fresh Student Living's accommodation buildings have residents who are paid to act as points of contact 24 hours a day. This will really set your mind at rest and help you settle into your new home easily.

Create a study space

Whatever the size of your student accommodation, you will reap the rewards of spending time creating a great place to study. A quiet spot where you can study in peace will make a huge difference, especially if you don't actually need to head out to the library – you'll be particularly pleased about this when the weather is less than friendly. Make sure you think about lighting and try to get plenty of natural daylight into your study area. Every room in Fresh's student residences has a great study area with plenty of lighting and electricity points for all that necessary tech. It is important to have this area slightly separate if possible so you can get some down time without having to constantly stare at your coursework.

Make it home

Relaxing is vital to keeping you in a good frame of mind and decorating or bringing a touch of your old home to your new home will help your settle in and feel less homesick. With Fresh you can pre-order all of those little extra bits like lamps and cushions online to arrive in your new flat when you do. That way you'll have everything you need to settle in and get going on your postgraduate course.

Get to know your housemates

Ideally you'll already know your housemates before you move in having spent time house hunting together. Fresh lets groups of friends rent together and you're able to organise everything about your house share online. This takes the trouble out of splitting bills and keeps that one friend who forgets to pay up-to-date with their bills, allowing you to maintain a good relationship with each other. There is nothing worse than a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere over the cornflakes, so try to keep arguments down and when your housemates are annoying remember you've probably got a couple of irritating habits yourself. If you don’t already know your housemates, then it's really worthwhile spending the time to get to know them as you'll be able to relax in your home all the easier when you're surrounded by friends. Fresh hosts organised events for the residents of its accommodation blocks, which is a great way to get to know your fellow residents and make some new friends.

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