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Posted Oct. 15, 2016

4 Ways To Keep Healthy In Winter As A Postgrad Student

Postgrad StudentCompleting a postgraduate degree can be one of the most fulfilling yet stressful and time-consuming events in anyone's life. This blog will discuss the best ways to keep healthy as a postgrad during the winter season.

1. Join a club

Joining a club, especially an active one such as fencing or dancing, will give you the motivation to keep going out at night; even when you want to hibernate away. Joining an exercise-based club would be even better, the feeling of being part of a group makes it much easier to get out of that bed – here’s some great information and ideas on which clubs you could join:

2. Healthy eating

Keeping healthy during winter can be easier with the right food. Making a plan just before the start of the winter months is great. Create a budget, set out meal plans that are cheap and easy to make. The best options are those in which you can freeze easily; so after a long day studying, all you have to do is throw a meal in the cooker. Buying a slow cooker is also a great investment as these meals are easy, can be started before classes and often cheap to make.

3. Exercise

If you do join a club at university, it doesn't have to be an active one in order to get some exercise during winter. Most universities will have top-notch gyms and health centres that offer discounts to students. Even putting aside half an hour a day during the winter to go for a jog or cycle will keep the mind fresh and the body healthy. For an interesting research article into the effects of exercise during the winter, please read here.

4. Relax

It may sound like such a simple thing to do, but as a student it can be hard to just sit down and relax. The winter months can severely affect people, such as those suffering from SAD, therefore these are the months you should take more time for yourself. Call home, go for a drink with friends, relax in bed with a good book. There are many activities you can do for free that will help you keep a fresh, clean mind during the darker months.

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