Keeping Your Postgraduate Fridge in Tip-Top Shape


Ensuring your postgraduate fridge is in tip-top shape will not only help you save money, it will keep you healthy as well!

Chances are you're not using your fridge to its full potential. Why? Well you're probably stuffing it to the brim and letting it get stinking dirty. Sound familiar?

Stick to the following advice and everyone will benefit (you and the fridge that is)...

Setting the Temperature Fridges need to be set at a certain temperature to regulate the food properly. Too warm and everything will spoil! The optimum temperature of your fridge is between 1.7C and 3.3C. As a rule it should never be higher that 5C as you run the risk of harmful bacteria growing on your food.

The Fridge Door Contrary to popular belief, storing your milk in the fridge door is not the best idea. Due to the door constantly being opened its temperature fluctuates dramatically. Keep any products that have a short shelf life in the centre of the fridge where the temperature is more likely to remain constant.

Storing Leftovers It may sound silly but how you store leftover food makes all the difference. Use clear containers, preferably glass or Tupperware, as this way you can see exactly what's inside. Meaning you're less likely to forget that they're in there! Whatever it is, don't let it hang around any longer than four days max.

Decluttering If you've got a small fridge and a large household (or appetite) decluttering your fridge can be a little tricky. Problem is, when you pack your fridge full of food warm spots are created by surrounding items acting as insulation. In an ideal world your fridge needs circulation. Try storing things that don't necessarily need to be in the fridge elsewhere.

Food Rotation So you've just got home from your weekly shop and you're considering putting it all away. Before you do move everything from the previous week, as well as anything that's been lingering around at the back of your fridge to the front. This way you'll know exactly what needs eating up first. Yes we know that last week's lettuce looks like your grandmother's hand but you want to be more economical right..?

A Good Old Fashioned Clean It may sound like the most obvious advice in the world, but in reality people put off cleaning their fridge for way too long. Little bits of food or spillages can cause bacteria growth that isn't healthy. A thorough clean once a week, or at least one a month, should do the trick - and don't forget about the foul-smelling tray hiding round the back!

Is your postgraduate fridge in need of an overhaul?

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