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Posted April 7, 2014

5 Ways For Postgrads To Relax

Postgrads in the UK are people doing either their masters or PhD work, and it is heavy going. By now a student should have figured out a few easily affordable ways to relax, but if that is not the case, then here are five ways any student can relax without having to spend too much money.

There are beaches and the countryside out there and they are free There is plenty of countryside to enjoy free, plus if you learn a little about it then you can spot things such as rare hares and birds that only stay in Britain for four weeks before migrating onwards. During the milder parts of spring and autumn, and during the sunny parts of the summer you can hit the beach. The great thing is that if your university is near a beach , then you can guarantee that every sunny day, it will be loaded with students your own age.

Learn a musical instrument It’s not as difficult as you may think thanks to YouTube. You do not have to learn how to read music; you don’t even need to learn the notes on your instrument. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to play particular songs. The YouTube videos teach you to play things such as the guitar and piano by showing you the chords on the screen as you play. Many are very like guitar hero or rock band where you see the chords coming in advance and play them when they hit the line at the bottom of the video; it’s great fun. You can even do a little of your revision by putting important concepts into musical lyrics.

Play a fantastic video game A good one is both relaxing and invigorating. Try Dark Souls if you want something challenging and distracting, or Saints Row 2 for something ridiculous. If you have a few months to spare then you could try World of Warcraft on the PC - just beware the late nights it might cause!

Volunteer somewhere that doesn’t include promotion Don’t volunteer to raise money or get signatures. Volunteer to walk dogs at the sanctuary with your friends, or volunteer to help disabled kids visit your local zoo. The relaxing part comes with just how fun it is when you and your friends do it together.

Act like a kid A Muppet movies marathon with friends is a great way to have childish fun. You can fill the room with sweets too. Just don’t invite anybody who is boring or uptight. A home karaoke session is easy enough these days. Even if you don’t have a Playstation, Xbox or Wii, there are still PC games where you can be a singer for the night with your friends. ” Put a kick me sign on somebody’s - who you know! - back, or put an empty coke can in his or her coat hood. Jump in puddles in or after the rain, play hopscotch, or tape cellophane across someone else’s door so when they open it and walk out they hit the cellophane. The possibilities to act like a kid are endless.

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