What Should You Do With Your Postgraduate Reading Week?

Here's the trouble with reading weeks, they can seem like a holiday. But, they're not and there is a ton of productive stuff that you could be doing. Although, if you're all caught up with your academic studies and the weather is enticing you outside, there's no harm in getting a bit of exploring and relaxing mixed in with your postgraduate studies. 

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your postgraduate reading week.

Make A Plan 

You'll know when reading week is going to be and you'll know when your assignments are due, so in theory, you can plan your reading week far in advance. The reality is life gets in the way and a reading week is the ideal chance to catch up. You're a postgrad so you should be able to create a timetable for your work by now, but it is always a good idea to brush up on your studying and planning skills

Read Ahead 

Getting ahead with your reading for the next semester is an excellent plan as it will set you up for a good term and make you feel fantastically well organised. But, this is not news to a postgrad like you! You've had reading weeks before, so this is just a reminder about the benefits of getting ahead on your studies. 

Prepare For Future Assignments 

It can be tough to get ahead on future assignments if your tutor or lecturer hasn't discussed it with you. If you are in the fantastic position of being caught up with all your reading and studying, then it would be a good idea to have a quick chat with your lecturer to discuss what you can do to get you going on the next assignment before the reading week starts. 

Catch Up With Friends & Family 

If you're all caught up with your studies, then now’s the time to catch up with some friends and family that you may well have neglected over the past semester. Spending time away from your studies chatting with people who don't revolve around your course is the perfect way to relax. Hearing all of their news unrelated to your postgrad work will take your mind off of your work. You'll feel relaxed and refreshed when you get back to the books. 

Explore The Local Area 

If heading home isn't an option for you, then gathering together a few other students and setting off to explore the local area and get away from your studies is a great way to relax. Head off to your local tourist information and even if you think you've done everything your new home has to offer, you'll find there will be some museum or exhibit you've not discovered yet. 

Clean Up 

Clearing up or even redecorating is a way plenty of people relax and it will set you up for a more tranquil atmosphere to live and study in next semester. Most people find it easier to work and chill out if their surroundings are at least clean and tidy, if not beautifully furnished. Maintaining a clean home might also help keep you from getting sick in the future. 

Find A Work Placement 

Why not set aside a couple of hours to spend composing and sending emails about work placements? Spend some time polishing your CV and sending personal emails to each contact you have made about gaining some valuable work experience is always a good plan.

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