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Posted July 23, 2016

PG Students: Making the most of summer!

SummerSummer is finally here and you can now take in all the Vitamin D and the positive vibes that it is set to bring! Did you think that PG students can’t realistically make the most of summer as others would? How wrong can you be!

There are lots of exciting things that you can do once summer sets in. You are in an ideal position now as you have finished your exams and will want to do something before you began adding final touches to your thesis. Some of you may have already handed in your dissertation so this would be the perfect opportunity to embrace the summer vibe before you set out on your next venture!


If you haven’t already made plans to meet family and friends at a beach or somewhere completely random like Disneyland Paris, you can do trips all on your own. It’s just a matter of narrowing down on places you can visit and planning your days around sights you wish to see. It doesn’t have to be a jet-setting experience, but something that can give you a welcome break in between your otherwise busy PG routine.

There are several ways in which you can plan your travel. We recommend you take off a few days in the week and combine it with the weekend so you get to spend a good amount of time exploring a city or town on quiet and busy days.

If you plan on exploring a town, research into its several local attractions beforehand and do things local (including old pubs and restaurants!). You could also fit in a hiking adventure into your travel time if you plan well.

Music Festivals

Summer is always full of music festivals – they are quite simply everywhere! Just by doing a simple search online you will be amazed at what you can find, from pop artists to indie and electronic, they all happen over the summer. Europe is home to some of the largest and most exciting music festivals in the world – so get yourself to one! Festival tickets sell out very quickly so it is best if you plan this a few months in advance. You can either do a whole weekend of the festival and camp there for the night, or you could do just a day to see your favorite artists. Be warned though, some festivals can be pricey so saving up early on can help!

Career fairs

This may not be your ideal summer plan. However, if you wanted to do something to help advance your future career you can have a go at staycation and explore career fairs and events. You can always spend evenings or weekends catching up with friends and going for movies and parties. Make a list of what career fairs you would like to go to – some may need prior registration and booking – so that you have a better idea of your schedule ahead. Networking during these events would be a great help as you may get a chance to meet people that are already in the industry and can help you decide on what direction to take.

Acquiring new skills

Another good thing about summer is that you have a good amount of time to pick up on a brand new skill or develop on one that you thought you needed to work on! After all, building up a good CV can make a massive difference in boosting your chances of getting that dream job and it can be worth using a bit of time in enhancing it.

Skills can include professional development skills such as:

Specialised training – accredited courses that can complement your PG studies
Generalist knowledge in something relevant to your area
Software skills for example MS Office, Adobe products, etc.
Communication skills

There are several venues where you can find about these training courses. You can start with your careers center in college and make a list of courses that would be relevant in adding to your CV.

Learn a new language

What better time than summer to learn a new language and meet new people! You would have just enough time to pass an introductory level in a particular language.

Some language schools may have crash courses running into a few weeks or you can spread it out over a few months if you wish to get a solid grip on a language for helping your CV get noticed quickly when you go job-hunting.

Fitness and swimming

Apart from the several things that you planned on doing over summer, fitness should ideally be a fixed to-do item on your list! Make sure you go for a run or hit the gym regularly to feel released from the stress of exams and thesis work. A good fitness regime would help you get your act together for what’s to come and help you in staying fit for long hours of thesis work. It will certainly help you stay positive and motivated in filling out those job applications!

Just by swimming you could gain so many things, burning a healthy calorie count, peace of mind and good sleep, feeling fresh, making your muscles feel flexible (especially after long hours of writing and typing!), etc.  Check out the indoor and outdoor swimming places in your city and you may get student discounts.

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