How To Use The Christmas Break Productively As A Postgrad Student

When it comes to the Christmas break, many postgrad students can be confused as to how to spend this time productively. Should they catch up on revision? Should they work the holidays? Below we give an overview on how best to spend the Christmas break so that you are ready to start the new semester.

R & R

It is important that you find some time to rest and recuperate during the Christmas break. The Christmas break is the perfect time to take a break from studying and to visit parents and family. If you decide to go home for the holidays, then this will give you a much-needed break from university life and allow your brain to switch off for a little while. If you decide to stay in your student digs and enjoy the break with friends, then you still deserve a rest and some time off. Going out for the night or eating out are perfect ways in which to have a break.

Christmas revision

Although the Christmas break is often focussed upon enjoying this festive time of year, it is still important to revise and keep on track of your studying. A good way to keep on top of your revision is to give yourself designated days off so as to rest and spend time with friends and family. By allocating non-study days, you will be more inclined to get the work done. What is important to remember is that you need to take it easy and not overdo it. Christmas should be a restful time, so revise only on your set days.

Work-life balance

Of course, many postgrad students will need to carry on working during the Christmas break. If this is the case then you will need to organise planed study and rest days around your working schedule. You still need to make time to rest and enjoy the holidays. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate Connections website has an interesting article about getting the balance right between work and resting. Although the Christmas break is a perfect time in which to rest it is also a good time in which to earn money via few extra shifts and for working on your professional development. The Christmas break is also a good time in which to volunteer for those business sectors that you whish to work, and which in the long run, may lead to job opportunities.

Get organised for the year ahead

The Good Universities Guide has a very useful article about how you can use the Christmas break to get organised for the forthcoming year. Read through the details of new courses, purchase set texts and note down all exam dates. If you are able to read ahead, then do so. You will then be refreshed and ready for the new semester.

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