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Posted Nov. 11, 2019

A Happy Home = A Happy Student

A happy postgraduate student home will help you be a productive and efficient postgraduate student, not to mention improve your happiness. 

Here are a few tips on how to ensure that you have a happy student home

Peace & quiet

Before you rent a place take a quick look at what you think the neighbours might be like, as a postgraduate student you really don’t want to be next door to the party house. If you choose to rent from someone like Fresh Student Living who has contracts in place to guarantee the behaviour of the students in the flats and rooms around you. This makes a huge difference to your quality of life and gives you a course of redress if you do have a problem with a neighbour. 

Create a study space

Once you have chosen your new postgraduate home the next important thing to do is to create a good quality study space, a place to concentrate and all the room you need. Make sure you have a good light source and access to natural daylight as well, not to mention good access to power points. Fresh Student Living has a good quality study space in every room and you can check out what it will look like online before you rent a room from them.

Choose housemates you like

Be careful if you agree to share a house or flat with people you don't know and make sure they are all in a similar situation to you if you do. Otherwise, choose your housemates well and spend time with them, planning to have a meal together each week to get to know each other and to discuss any problems as they come up. Keep communication lines open to ensure that you all get along most of the time, but don't be too hard on yourself or others when one of you is having a bad day. 

Neat & tidy

In an ideal world you will be able to keep your accommodation clean and tidy yourself. To do this you need a plan and plenty of storage with a place for everything you own. Many accommodation providers – like Fresh Student Living – either provide a cleaning service as part of your rent or have a cleaning service you can pay for additionally. Fresh Student Living have in their terms and conditions that you need to keep the place in good order - and this works as a guarantee on both sides so you know you’ll be living somewhere clean and tidy from the off. 

Good location

You'll want a student home that is close enough to where you are studying and attending lectures or on a bus route to your university. Fresh Student Living accommodation centres have transportation links to local university campuses with bus stops often right outside. This is very advantageous as it helps to minimise travel time and any potential stress that that could entail. You can check on their website which campuses are nearby. 

Safe & secure

Most importantly you need to make sure your accommodation is safe and secure. Check doors and windows before you move in and ask for safety certificates for gas appliances. Alternatively, rent somewhere from a company like Fresh Student Living who have checked their accommodation thoroughly before renting it out. 

Top 10 housing issues

Here are the top 10 housing issues that you could experience as a postgraduate student.


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