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Posted Feb. 26, 2019

Make Your PG Home A Happy Home

Happy postgraduate homeBefore you head off for your postgraduate course no doubt you're imagining that this time your student accommodation will be different, as you’re a little older and a little wiser than you were as an undergraduate student. You’re probably also a little bit more particular!

Purpose-built privately owned accommodation blocks from Fresh are the ideal choice for PG students looking to meet and live with fellow students, whilst maintaining their own personal space. Other student accommodation options include university owned halls of residence and renting a private house/flat/room. But whatever postgraduate accommodation option you choose, here are a few ways to make sure that your postgraduate home is a happy one

FreshSet out expectations 

Hopefully, you've got a good idea this time of how to get on with others, so perhaps by now, you'll of worked out that if you all set out what you expect from each other, to begin with, everyone will be happier. Are you expecting to eat together once a week or cook together every night? What about behaviour? Is your house going to be a party house? If you opt for a purpose-built private accommodation provider Fresh there is a code of conduct in the contract, so you don't need to worry about the behaviour of your housemates or neighbours. 

Keep it clean 

Dull as it sounds, make a rota and get the place cleaned up every now and again. There are lots of good reasons why, if someone isn't supplied by your accommodation provider like Fresh does, you should hire a cleaner, not least of all because you will all busy. 


Decorate and spruce your house up before you start your studies and bring a few things from home to help you settle in quickly. If you are travelling a long way to start your postgraduate course, then with companies like Fresh you can arrange some homely touches in advance online. 

Sort out bills 

With Fresh you have all of the contracts and bills sorted out with your rental payments. If you're renting privately yourself with housemates, then arrange the bill payments at the start of the year so you don't get any nasty surprises. 

Keep safe 

Check for gas safety certificates and electrical safety certificates before you move in and get someone else to look around before you sign a contract if you can't. Alternatively, if you rent from Fresh you can be assured everything is safe and you can check out your room online before you agree to rent. 

Remember that it's not forever 

If it's all gone pear-shaped and you and your housemates all hate each other, get a bit of outside help. Your university will have someone you can speak to if you are having trouble with your accommodation. Even if you're having a great time with your neighbours and housemates you should still remember that you're not going to be living there forever. 

So what sort of accommodation do European students choose?

Take a look at the breakdown of the preferred accommodation options for students throughout Europe.

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