Making The Perfect Postgrad Student Study Space

Pinboard Studying is hard enough as it is, without feeling trapped or uncomfortable about your surroundings. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this – make the study space you want! Here are some easy (and cheap) tips on how to craft the perfect space to enable you to be a happy student. Just don’t spend too long on this, because that’d be procrastinating and we all know how that ends!

Pick the right spot To start with, you’ve got to make sure to pick the right spot. Take into account things like the lighting – ideally, you want as much natural light as possible in order to avoid getting headaches during lengthy revision periods. You want to make sure it’ll be a nice temperature all year round – whether this is next to a radiator, or simply somewhere you can fill with blankets when it's cold. Next, think about your comfort levels. One thing that is always distracting is getting aches and pains from sitting uncomfortably, so nip this in the bud. Whether it’s adjusting a computer chair to the right height for a desk, or deciding to pile in on cushions on the floor, work out what is best for you. Finally, check for plug sockets! You’ll almost certainly want to use electronic devices so make sure you’re either in range, or have bought an extension cord. It seems simple, but it’s very important.

Make it suit you Think about the sort of things that help put you in the right mood to study. Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to create an atmosphere – scented candles, fairy lights and mood music. Or perhaps you prefer no distractions at all. In which case, perhaps a simple desk, with the right amount of lighting and a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones is the best investment. Other things that can be helpful are decorating the area with keynotes – spend some time mapping out important information on some large sheets of paper, and then keep these in focus. This can be useful if you’re the sort of person who can get distracted by your surroundings, because at least then your surroundings are also study-related!

Be honest with yourself about whether it’s working Not everyone is suited to working in a home environment – some people need the space away in order to be able to work efficiently. It’s OK to admit that no home study space will suit you, and to spend your time in libraries instead. That said, before taking this step it’s always worth going back to the past two points and reassessing. Have you actually made a study space that suits you, or is there something particular hindering you? It could be a simple fix – perhaps you find your legs start to ache, in which case look at how you’re sitting and adjust accordingly. Other times, it might require an honest look at how you study – do you use being in your space as an excuse to procrastinate? If so, this isn’t a problem with the space so much as your methods. Going out to libraries might work, but it may also just lead you to procrastinate in other ways.

Change it up Finally, don’t be afraid to change it up as the year goes by. What is best for revising for January exams might not be best for doing your dissertation. Assess your needs regularly, and adjust accordingly. Whether it’s investing in a portable heater, or just ensuring that you’re always in the best position to get the most light, it’s worth considering. After all, it’s your space, and you know how to make it suit you more than anyone else.

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