What Sort Of Postgraduate Student Should You Live With?

House sharing is tough and you need to think about the sort of students you are sharing a house with before you go house hunting becasue you want to make sure your PG student house feels like home for the duration of your studies. 

Here a few tips on various types of postgraduate students to avoid if you want a peaceful, calm and harmonious home to study in, rather than a disruptive – and dare we say classic – student house.

Fresher wannabe

As you are a postgrad it is probably not your first time away from Mum and Dad, and the likelihood is you're not looking to trawl round the nightclubs every night of the week enjoying your first taste of freedom. Avoid the postgraduate who hasn't realised they are no longer 18 years old as you don't need the dramas that will follow them around. Fresh Student Living helps you avoid noisy parties and disruptive housemates with codes of behaviour and wardens onsite. You want housemates that are serious about their studies and who don't want to host parties every night.

Seriously studious

There is a flip-side student to the Fresher Wannabe and that's the housemate who only studies and rarely ventures out of their room making it hard to get to know them. Once you've got to know your housemates it's much easier to discuss problems as they crop up keeping everyone happy. Fresh Student Living arrange social events for their residents so there will always be something to invite your Seriously Studious housemate to, helping you and them to relax and get to know each other.

Worrying workaholic

We all know a postgraduate student who needs to work all the time. If they aren't in the library, then they are clocking up work experience or earning some spare cash. It's hard to get to know them and you might find they're feeling the weight of student loans already or fear the next electricity bill. Fresh Student Living offers affordable rents with all of the bills included so you can reassure your housemate that they can relax a little. No one needs a housemate who is working themselves to ill health or failing their course. Selfish as it might sound, you want to spend your time on your studies not counselling a housemate.

Disappearing housemate

A housemate who does a vanishing act whenever there is cleaning to be done or a bill to pay is an unlucky one to have. Fresh Student Living arrange everything to do with the rent and bills so you don't have to find your vanished housemate when you've paid a bill and they also provide cleaning staff so you just need to keep the house tidy.

How do you find perfection?

The perfect housemate is hard to find. You're looking for someone who tries to keep their own irritating bad habits down, tidies up after themselves, works hard but not too hard, likes to socialise but not too much and is around some of the time. Perfection is difficult and Fresh Student Living try to make house sharing easy by taking the strain of the organisation and paperwork away. If you try to aim to be the best housemate you can be, then you might just find your housemates trying to get along too.

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