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Posted Feb. 10, 2017

5 Kinds Of Students You’ll Meet On A Postgrad Program In America

Postgraduate American StudentsIt would be fair to say that a postgraduate college experience is a much different experience to that you may have had as an undergraduate. Studying at postgrad level brings with it a whole new set of challenges, benefits and problems, and a large part of the experience is defined by the types of people that you find yourself interacting with on a regular basis. And no matter which university you choose to undertake your postgrad study, you are guaranteed be meet some very interesting characters. The different characters you meet will only enrich your postgrad experience. Enjoy them!

Here are some of the most classic kinds of students you are most likely to meet on a postgrad program in America.

1. The Constant Googler

This is the type of student that will always have their eyes glued to their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Not content with learning from professors and hearing the opinions of fellow students, they are always looking to be one step ahead of the class by searching the web for extra facts. They can be annoying to work with, but any group presentation work will be completed with a highly detailed finish!

2. The Know-It-All

One of the problems with postgraduate study is that you are sitting in a classroom with people who have already done a great deal of studying, and not everybody will be humble about their achievements. There will definitely be at least one student in your class who acts like a complete know-it-all, and acts superior to the rest of you. The trick with this character is to ignore them and focus on your own learning.

3. The Slacker

The slacker is a peculiar character that you will meet along the course of your postgrad study, but there is no doubt that they definitely exist. It seems weird for somebody to slack when they have come through all of the exams to get to this point of study, but regardless, there will definitely by that one student who doesn't complete their work until the last minute and puts in the minimum amount of effort to get the pass grades.

4. The Party Snob

Postgrad students are usually an older crowd, so when it comes to finding somewhere to socialise together, the situation can be a bit trickier than your first time around at college. Most people will go with the flow, but there will always be at least one person in the group who is snobby about which bars and clubs the group should go to. It's not the most annoying problem to have, but it does mean that they tend to dominate social plans!

5. The Food Lover

Compared to the all day schedules of undergraduate studies, postgrad schedules tend to give you a lot more free time and periods where you will be able to grab lunch or a snack with your classmates. This is where the food lover character comes in to play, as they will know all of the best places around campus to grab a delicious meal!

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