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International Postgrad Students In The USA

International students in the USAThe United States offers some spectacular options when it comes to studying your postgrad course. It doesn't matter what area you're looking to specialise in or what you're looking for in terms of local culture, the likelihood is there will be an American location that fits the bill perfectly for you.

First of all – let’s talk visas

There are obviously extra concerns that you need to think about in terms of visas and immigration, and they're not insignificant either. Along with the extra cost that comes with a move like this, applying for a visa can be a problem too. The first thing you need to do is look at the relationship between your own country and the United States. For most nations the process is the same and will probably take around three months. You’ll probably have to get academic referees, personal statements, evidence of financial support, and maybe even prepare for an interview. There are also some countries where the extra steps needed may include exit visas from your own country as well as entry visas to America. The likelihood is you already know these restrictions but remember to check before you apply.

1. True opportunity for personal growth

It doesn't matter where you're from in the world or what your background is, there will be something to experience in America. From the scenery to the cities, it's an incredibly varied country and probably more diverse than any other country in the world. When you're researching what institution you might want to study at, it's worth thinking about what you love and seeing if the local surroundings fit your passions. If you're into a particular type of music or film or art, there's bound to be a location in the states that's a hub for your interests. Spending time abroad will always broaden the mind, but taking the time to study abroad is probably the best way to experience real personal growth. Not only will you be immersed in another culture, you'll also be surrounded by like-minded academics studying a field you're passionate about. Travelling and moving away from home can be a daunting experience, but with a postgrad degree studied abroad you know you'll have a ready-made circle of similar friends.

2. Your specialty will be catered for

With the remarkable diversity in American higher education institutions, there's no way you won't be able to find one that offers a postgrad program that fits you perfectly. While other countries boast a number of impressive universities, America has such a wide variety that almost every conceivable specialisation is covered somewhere. It's not the only place to study in the world and your home may have great options, but it would do anyone who's looking to invest some serious time and effort in postgrad study a real service to investigate what the US has to offer.

3. Your career could be changed forever

America doesn't just boast a wealth of options in terms of study but also has an incredibly diverse job market and that could mean you're opening the door to your dream career. If you study the perfect course at the perfect location then you can be sure that your chosen university has real deep links to the professional community where it's based. By studying for your postgrad qualification at an American university then you get a leg up in the United States job market that no other international applicants have access to. As we've already discussed, one of the major problems with relocating to the United States is securing the correct visa. As a student you have much more freedom to study and the visa process isn't nearly as rigorous as it would be as a professional. But during your time studying there you have the chance to prove that you are a real asset to any prospective employers you might encounter as part of your study. It could be the best way of turning a great learning experience into the beginning of the rest of your life.

Being an international student in the US: the bottom line

So this is it, it's a tough choice to make and a difficult move to pull off. Getting a visa isn't guaranteed and funding can be tricky too. If you don't have a university that's willing to sponsor your study then you'll be forking out a lot just to live and study. The chances of bursaries and loans are much higher if you choose to study domestically and moving to America might put you a long way from home. But if you can overcome the obstacles and are brave enough to take the leap, then a world of opportunity could open up for you, and your future career opportunities as a result of studying in the US – for example if you study an MBA in the USA – could be fantastic. Hundreds of different US universities offering countless paths of study are waiting. A massive and diverse country with different climates to be explored and cultures to be involved in. At the end of the day, it might just make sense.


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