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Reasons Go To University Out Of State As A Postgrad Student In The USA

Out of state studentsIf you're an American looking for postgrad studies domestically, you're in a fantastic position. With some of the world's best universities based between the east and west coast, you've got a great opportunity to try somewhere new and get some life experience along with your studies. One thing to remember is that as an out-of-state student you'll most likely be paying more than you would if you remained in-state.

Out-of-state students pay on average twice as much as in-state students. While living costs and accommodation will be the same for every student and vary based on the location rather than whether you are local, the tuition fees for a chosen university could be over double what you would pay in state. If you are applying for a private institution then that figure could be over three times more. As a domestic student you will still be eligible for financial support, but you will also be liable to end up with a bigger bill at the end of it all.

However, financial disadvantages aside, deciding to study out of state is still a very exciting prospect and we think it could be well worth the extra costs. We've put together some elements to consider if you're looking for studies within the US but away from your home state, as there are plenty of benefits that go with the higher price tag.

1. For Personal Growth

It doesn't matter whether you're doing your postgrad study directly after undergrad or later on in life, it's a great opportunity to grow and learn even outside of your studies. By moving away from your home state you open yourself up to a wide range of environments and cultures that could help you develop as a person alongside your more traditional education. You will be spending a lot of time studying and a lot of time on campus, but that doesn't mean you won't have the opportunity to learn and grow in a new space. Obviously you want to make sure you're looking for the best choice you can in terms of education, but try and factor in new things. If you're from a small town in a quiet state, then look into universities close to cultural hubs. If you're a budding musician then check out the music scene at prospective locations. If you live in Minnesota but always wanted to get into the films, why not look at universities in Los Angeles or New York. America’s states are so diverse that you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't see what they had to offer before you made up your mind.

2. For New Surroundings

From deserts to mountains, America has a bit of everything. If you're looking outside of your home territory for postgrad education then you could be in for a real treat. If you spent your life and early higher education in the desert then why not study for your masters near the mountains? If you're used to the cold then you can always try somewhere warm. If you've always lived away from the coast then maybe it's time to see the sea and learn to surf! It's not just about new views while you study, but new experiences open up in new environments. You've got places where you can snowboard or ski within driving distance of your chosen university. If you've grown up on the slopes then you could find somewhere you could surf every day. It's a big country with a lot to offer, take a look.

3. For Future Prospects

This is a very big one. All postgrad study offers advancement in your career and with a bit of clever positioning, you could maximise those chances. There are cities and states that are synonymous with different professional fields. Looking for postgrad study in cities that are famous for different professions is an excellent way of getting to know the job market in that area. You're also likely to find that your postgrad institution has very tight links to your course subject in the local area. Get studying in the right location and you might be set up for life. Investing some real time in researching how well your prospective university is integrated into the local business community will be time well spent.

4. For the Right Course

And here's the bottom line. If you're not able to study the right course in your home state, then maybe it's best to look further afield. With some of the best universities in the world situated within the borders of the United States, you've got the opportunity to find the perfect course for you without even leaving the country. Of course, maybe that university isn't on your door-step but compared to a lot of countries, relocating isn't hard at all. You can move a few hundred miles and enrol on the postgrad course of your dreams without any second language worries or culture shock. With so much variety available it's almost inconceivable that you won't be able to find the right course for you. So that's it, think big and find a location that's perfect for you.

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