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Studying A Postgraduate Program In California

Postgrad Study In CaliforniaIf you are considering studying your postgrad program in California, it’s a good idea to gen up on the area first. There are 482 cities in California, and the population is estimated to be around 39,000,000 people, making it the state with the largest population in the United States, with the second most populated state being Texas. Located on the western coast of America, the state is third to Alaska and Texas in terms of geographical size. California’s terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave Desert, and redwood forest. The city of LA is home to the Hollywood entertainment industry, whilst hilly San Francisco is famed for Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and cable cars. California’s climate varies from subarctic to hot desert and Mediterranean depending on the elevation, latitude and proximity to the coast. For instance, the coastal regions, much of the Central Valley, and the Sierra Nevada foothills have Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild wet winters.

Where Can You Study A Postgrad Program In California?

Studying should not only be about attending classes, it should be an experience to remember. California universities offer one of the best learning environments not only in the US but also in the world. California universities offer one of the best learning environments not only in the US but also in the world. In addition, the highly qualified teachers ensure that you get the best possible knowledge and skills for your career development and success. The hardest part would only be making a single choice out of the many top universities. Here is an overview of some of the great universities in California for you to study your postgrad program at:

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Having been around for almost a century, UCLA is one of the oldest and popular universities in the US. It offers more than 300 degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Its approximate enrollment is more than 40,000 with 119,000 people applying to be considered for various degree programs.

University of the Pacific (UOP) This private institution is located in Stockton. It is the first medical school and music conservatory as well as the oldest chartered university. Its professional graduate schools include School of Law in Sacramento, the School of Dentistry in San Francisco and School of Pharmacy at Health Sciences in Stockton.

University of San Diego (USD) Located in San Diego, this private Roman Catholic university offers over 40 baccalaureate degrees. In addition, it offers masters PhD and DNP degrees in law and nursing in its several colleges.

University of San Francisco (USF) Located in San Francisco between Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge, the university’s main campus is also known as The Hilltop. Additionally, the Jesuit Catholic institution has four campuses in northern California. They are found in San Hose, Sacramento, Pleasanton and Santa Rosa.

What Postgraduate Programs Can You Study In California

Apart from the large economy and ranking as one of the highest populated states in America, California is popular for its large system of universities. There is a long list of postgraduate programs offered in these universities. They include Law and Regulations, Arts, Business Studies, Management, Sport, Biological and Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences.

Earning a masters degree allows you to develop both your professional and personal skills, thereby advancing your career. In addition, it enables you to stand out of the large pack of undergraduates and give you better bargaining power when it comes to the job market. To graduate with a masters degree in the United States, you are required to go through two years of training.

Tuition Fees and Living Costs in California

Your budget will entail the estimations of the average cost of completing one academic year. While tuition fees and costs of living vary from university to university, a relative estimation is possible. Tuition fees averages at $13,500 per year, while accommodation is a little more than $13,000. The amount you are likely to pay for food is $7,000 while transportation should cost you $3,100, books and supplies $802 and personal effects $3,000. Therefore the total cost for a year studying a postgraduate program in California is approximately $39,000.

International Students Admission and Application

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world submit their applications to Californian universities. However, they are requirements to be satisfied before admission. They include submission of all official records from academic institutions they have attended. In addition, you must satisfy the English language requirements. This means that you must have sat for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and made the required scores. For some universities, including UCLA, the required minimum score for TOEFL is 560 and 87 if you have taken it on the internet.

Interesting California Alumni

California universities have produced a number of famous people. They include UCLA’s School of Law graduate Henry Waxman, a US Representative. Kelley Perdew winner of TV series The Apprentice 2, is also a graduate of the school. The University of Southern California counts several celebrities as its alumni. Among them is celebrated film producer and director Ron Howard who has been nominated for a total of 33 awards, taking home 11 of them.

Student Testimonial

According to a student pursuing a postgraduate program in University of California (USC), the institution has some of the best teachers in the nation. In addition, academic projects and research funding could never have been better. The sports enthusiast will find a home in the institution, which usually gets to the top five in various sports activities. For the party animal, there is always the weeknight and house parties with invited local bands.

What Can You Do In California When You’re Not Studying?

All studying and no play would be a pretty dull life. California is a lively state with experiences that are sure to remain with you even after completion of your studies. For instance, if you are creative student who’s in love with art, music, film, or drama, California is the ideal destination to explore your talents. The state is home to Walt Disney’s CalArts along with numerous artistic communities such as Orange County, San Francisco, and of course Hollywood. If you want to go into the technological innovation sphere, studying in California is definitely a great place to start. Some of the world’s greatest technological companies are headquartered here, including Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Google, and Apple. And if you are hoping to secure a sport scholarship or just to get involved in college/university sports, you are also looking in the right place. A number of universities in California are also Division 1 schools, which simply means they have more sport scholarships funding and prestigious college sports teams to join.

California is also endowed with numerous restaurants and shops as well as places to go that suits all budgets. Restaurants offer a wide range of beers and wines, with California wines being the most popular choices. When it comes to outdoor activities, Californians are particularly into coastal sports such as surfing, beach volleyball, and windsurfing. Skating, cycling, and jogging are other key elements to understanding the California lifestyle. 

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