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Be Safe & Secure In Your Postgrad Accommodation

Safe and secure student accommodationFeeling unsafe in your home will impact both your studies and your investment of time and money into your
postgraduate qualifications. There is no need to feel anything other than secure in your new postgraduate student home and here are a few ideas of how to ensure you feel safe and secure. 

Health & safety

If you are a postgraduate student in the UK it doesn't matter if you are renting from your university, a specific student accommodation provider like Fresh Student Living, or from a private landlord, as they all have a responsibility for your safety. If there are more than two unrelated people sharing a single residence, then there are regulations about fire alarms and smoke detectors. You will often find that regulations require that fire alarms and smoke detectors must be hard wired in ensuring that they never run out of batteries. By renting from a company like Fresh Student Living you are assured that fire alarms and smoke detectors are regularly tested and maintained. 

Your landlord is also responsible for having the boiler and any other fuel burner, like a gas fire, tested regularly and they should provide evidence of this if you ask. Your landlord should keep the house safe so they are responsible for the electrics, plumbing and problems like mould and damp. As a resident, you need to keep your house or room in good order by having everything clean and tidy, ensuring any electrical devices are safe and keeping the house dry by avoiding drying clothes indoors and ventilating the house. If you are staying in specific student accommodation, like the halls of residence at Fresh Student Living, there are washing and drying facilities on site so you can avoid having your damp clothes hanging around you. 

Household security

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring that the property is secure which means the front door should lock, beyond that it's up to you. An accommodation provider like Fresh Student Living will have all the doors to individual rooms equipped with locks as well as regulated access to the common areas. Burglar alarms are not a standard requirement, but if you feel one is necessary speak to your landlord. You should expect that the windows in property rented from companies like Fresh Student Living will lock as the safety of the students who stay with them is paramount. Companies like Fresh Student Living are providing accommodation for both older, wiser postgrad students and to those who have left home for the first time, this means the safety measures in Fresh Student Living accommodation is of a very high standard with keycard, pin number and key access required for their buildings. 

Postgrad insurance

Getting content insurance as a postgraduate student is more a case of financial security rather than physical security if the worst should happen. Student houses are much more likely to be targeted by thieves as they usually contain more items like laptops per household than a normal family home. Insurance is vital if this should happen to you. Not to mention the accidents that happen as well. This is where staying with Fresh Student Living comes into its own as insurance is included with your rent. This is easily customisable allowing you to add items like extra tech or laptops, meaning you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of if you are targeted by thieves.

If you are ever in doubt about what your landlord should be providing, then you can contact your student union or association who will provide you with information about local regulations.

Fresh Student Living is one of many potential private accommodation options for international postgraduate students. Other private student accommodation options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. accepts no responsibility for your choice of student accommodation and does not endorse or support Fresh Student Living. Fresh Student Living Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 07268209. The VAT number is 142920528.

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