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Cost of Postgrad Accommodation in the UK

Accommodation CostsWhen you are a postgraduate student your accommodation costs are a huge part of your weekly and monthly budget. But what needs to be taken into consideration when planning your accommodation budget? What is the actual cost of postgraduate accommodation in the UK?

Rental fees

Your rent is the biggest part of your accommodation costs and it can vary hugely across the UK. It depends on what you're renting and where. You should expect that renting a single private room will cost you from around £90 per week depending on whereabouts in the UK you’re going to be based, although most rooms are easily going to be around £150 per week in most cities. 

Damage deposit

The deposit is a one-off cost and you should have it returned to you when you move out. Renting from student accommodation providers like Fresh gives you the security that your deposit is only kept if you have outstanding rent or fines and deposits are usually lower than the traditional one month's rent. Deposits at Fresh start at around £150. 

Household bills

Household bills are an important consideration when planning your UK accommodation budget, and a great advantage to companies like Fresh is that all of your household bills are included with your rent, so you'll know exactly what your outgoings are from the off. If you don't rent from a specific student accommodation provider, then you will need to take a few bills into account. You have to think about including a budget for electricity, gas (if you have it) and the water bill (if it's not included in the council tax). These household bills can quickly add up to over £100 a month, so you can see why it can be good to only have one single upfront payment including all of these variable bills. University halls of residence also usually include all of these household bills in the student rental fees, but make sure check with your university accommodation office.

TV licence

If each room locks in your accommodation, then you might find that every room needs to have a TV Licence. It doesn't cost much, only around £12 per month but a fine for non-payment can be around £1000, and the TV licencing authorities do check. If your house does not have a TV Licence, then you'll find that you might need to provide proof that you don't watch TV. Again the TV Licence is included in your rent with providers like Fresh

Council tax

As a full-time postgraduate student you are not required to pay council tax, however, it's your responsibility to let them know. Your university halls of residence or if you're renting from student accommodation providers like Fresh should l take care of the council tax forms for you. If you are studying part time, then you are required to pay for your council tax and this cost will vary between property and area, but expect to pay at least £70 per month for a small flat or house. 

Contents insurance

Another item that is included in your rent with student accommodation provider Fresh is insurance. You'll find that most postgraduate student insurance that is included in your rent is customisable, so you're able to add items like laptops. Otherwise, you'll need to work out the value of your belongings and if you are sharing a house whether you'll have individual insurance or club together as a household. It's cheaper to share the insurance and this can cost as little as £15 per month.

Decoration & gardening

Changing the decor and doing up the garden is probably not high on your list. But if you're finding the bright colours on the wall distracting or if you are required to keep the garden in check as part of your tenancy agreement you'll find there is a cost to this in both time and money. The maintenance of any communal garden is included in the rent with Fresh Student Living and you'll find the decor is modern and up-to-date. 


If you're staying in halls of residence or with a company like Fresh your rent includes a cleaning service. They'll keep your room clean and they clean the bathrooms and kitchens, however you'll need to do the tidying. If you are living in a shared student house you might find it better to club together with your housemates and pay for a weekly cleaner. Cleaning costs in the UK are usually from £8-£10 per hour.

Fresh is one of many potential private accommodation options for international postgraduate students. Other private student accommodation options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. accepts no responsibility for your choice of student accommodation and does not endorse or support Fresh. Fresh Student Living Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 07268209. The VAT number is 142920528.

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