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Posted Jan. 2, 2018

New Year, new postgraduate student accommodation

Postgrad AccommodationIt's the beginning of a new year and the ideal time to sort your life out!

January is an exciting time to start a postgraduate course or to make a change with your accommodation.

Here’s a run through of some of the best accommodation options available to postgrad students in January.

Purpose-built private student accommodation

Fresh Student LivingPurpose-built private student accommodation like the kind provided by Fresh Student Living is a great option for students starting in January as they offer students a flexible arrangement for those who don't fit into a traditional academic calendar. They've got loads of different styles of accommodation, often all on the same site, giving students the chance to opt for a self-catered single flat, a shared house or catered halls of residence. Fresh Student Living also arrange plenty of social events for their residents, giving their residents the chance to meet other students from outside of the postgrad course and university. They also take care of those little things like a tranquil and calming decor in the student rooms and a good place to study leaving students with less to worry about. For those coming to the UK to study from a long way, then a great benefit is that Fresh Student Living allows students to prearrange the delivery of items, like duvets and bedding, when ordered through their website, and this will be ready upon arrival.

Your University

Pretty much every institution in the UK will have accommodation set aside for those starting courses in January, however you might struggle with availability. Start as early as you can, particularity if you are not a local resident, and if you can check out your accommodation online, like you can with Fresh Student Living, all the better. You'll often find that university catered halls of residence are a popular choice for students who have left home for the first time. If you are looking for peace and quiet for your studies, then it's probably not the best option to pick the halls of residence right next to the Student's Union. University provided accommodation will usually have a place set aside for studying, but you might find that the decor is not the fresh and modern look you are used to. Keep this in mind when setting out your budget for settling in as you may find yourself purchasing a few more items to personalise your room to make it tranquil place for study and rest. 

Private Landlords

If you're not planning on going with your university or a specific student accommodation, then the other main choice is a private landlord. Check the cost of transportation links as accommodation provided by universities and Fresh Student Living will have transportation set up already, and make sure you compare this to your private rented house with the low rent that might involve an expensive long commute. Ensure that the area you're looking at is as safe as you would like to be by speaking with your institution. What you may save in rent can quickly be eaten up with settling in expenses as you may find that previous tenants have created a bright and cheery colour scheme that only hurts your eyes. Avoid this be only renting what you've already seen and remember that a room rented in a private house might not come with a study area, so make sure you ask before you sign the contract. Companies like Fresh Student Living have all of the contract details online for you to view making it easy to rent a safe and secure home without any risk.

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Charlotte King March 13, 2018, 8:48 a.m.

Thanks Matthew!

I hope you have managed to sort yourself out with good postgraduate accommodation!

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