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Category – Universities - 2012

Posted Dec. 12, 2012

Top Eco Friendly Universities in the UK

Are you the kind of student that takes into account a university's green credentials when choosing where you want to study? If you're passionate about the planet check out these …

Posted Dec. 4, 2012

Why the Postgraduate System Needs an Urgent Revamp

Britain's postgraduate system is in need of an urgent overhaul – but where exactly do the problems lie?

Posted Nov. 25, 2012

7 Signs You Are Ready for a Master's Degree

Studying for a master's degree could open up so many new doorways and completely transform you life. But are you ready...?

Posted Nov. 21, 2012

Are Postgraduate Degrees Really Worth the Money?

With the British economy going down the pan the burning question on every potential student's mind is: Are Postgraduate Degrees Still Worth the Time and Money?

Posted Oct. 12, 2012

BLING BLING! Does the Russell Group shine as gold?

Read this page to find out how the Russell Group's reputation as some of the best universities in the country might have more of myth than of truth.

Posted Aug. 26, 2012

Top Things to Bear in Mind When Choosing Your Postgrad Uni

Choosing to do a postgraduate degree isn’t easy, but the decision of where to study for your postgraduate degree is perhaps even more difficult.

Posted Aug. 20, 2012

Postgraduate University Rankings: Do They Matter?

League tables are a major influence on prospective students choosing to which universities they will apply. The question is do these league tables contribute as much in the decision making …

Posted July 18, 2012

Oxbridge Take Two: How to Get Into Oxbridge As a Postgrad

Here are 5 basic tips and things to bear in mind when filling in your application forms for Oxford and Cambridge University.

Posted May 29, 2012

New rules for international students in the UK

New visa and immigration rules designed to curb abuse of the student visa system in the UK were announced last year and came into effect a few weeks ago on …

Posted March 20, 2012

How do academics choose where they work?

If you are considering postgraduate education, the knowledge, reputation and quality of the teaching staff will obviously influence your decision of where to study...

Posted March 14, 2012

The Russell Group is expanding!

The Russell Group – which is a group of world renowned, UK-based, research-intensive universities – is expanding its 20 members by a further four institutions.

Posted Feb. 14, 2012

FT rankings reveal drop in MBA students

In 2012 the Financial Times published somewhat shocking news about the popularity of UK business schools. Their report revealed that the number of students applying to MBA programs in the …

Posted Feb. 6, 2012

Postgraduate funding to be investigated

The Higher Education Commission has launched an independent inquiry to investigate postgraduate education in the UK.more This inquiry will look at aspects of postgraduate funding including the possibility of Government-backed …

Posted Jan. 17, 2012

Overseas campuses on the rise

Universities are increasingly setting up overseas branches to cater to the Asian student market.

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