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Category – Funding - 2012

Posted Dec. 11, 2012

5 Postgraduate Degrees That Will Make You Rich

Postgraduates can expect to bring home a salary that is nearly 25% greater than those with just a bachelors degree. If you've been wondering what the highest paying careers in …

Posted Nov. 27, 2012

Is Postgraduate Debt a Mountain too High to Climb?

Is the painful debt associated with higher education proving to be too much for prospective students?

Posted Aug. 26, 2012

Top Things to Bear in Mind When Choosing Your Postgrad Uni

Choosing to do a postgraduate degree isn’t easy, but the decision of where to study for your postgraduate degree is perhaps even more difficult.

Posted Aug. 4, 2012

A mistress for a Masters, or how to earn while studying

Pursuing a second degree is a big financial commitment. We look at some ways by which you can make it less burdensome on yourself in paying fees.

Posted March 6, 2012

Is postgraduate study being neglected?

According to a recent report by the 1994 Group (which represents 19 internationally-renowned UK universities) higher education reforms will cause "great and lasting" damage to postgraduate study.

Posted Feb. 6, 2012

Postgraduate funding to be investigated

The Higher Education Commission has launched an independent inquiry to investigate postgraduate education in the UK.more This inquiry will look at aspects of postgraduate funding including the possibility of Government-backed …

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