5 Postgraduate Degrees That Will Make You Rich

According to Simplyhired.com  postgraduates can expect to bring home a salary that is nearly 25% greater than those with just a bachelor's degree.

If you've been wondering what the highest paying careers in the world are, and the postgraduate degrees you need to get them then read on...

MBA Coming out on top, the MBA is the most lucrative and financially beneficial postgraduate degree of them all. Specialising in business, finance and accounting , an MBA is a versatile degree that can be applied to a whole host of managerial and leadership positions.

In recent years, the UK has been named the most popular MBA study destination in Europe. The demand for MBA programs has increased so much that they can now even be completed online. From marketing and advertising to human resources and development, postgraduate degrees in business pay off! The average salary for those sporting an MBA is £65,000 for managerial positions, and a whopping £110,000 for CEO's.

Medical Doctorate Becoming a doctor is no easy feat. It is a gruelling path, but the hard work and dedication required yields incredibly rewarding results that in many ways substantially outweigh the financial benefits.

Obtaining a medical doctorate is a monumental task that requires many years of postgraduate study, as well as a training program that could take a further 3/4 years. However, having the ability to save people's lives and earn in the region of £140,000 at the same time is well worth it in our opinion!

Engineering Covering fields such as computing, architecture, aerospace, chemicals and environment, postgraduate degrees in engineering are also top earners. With the push for green energy becoming a bigger priority with each passing day, obtaining a PhD in engineering will make you high in demand.

Currently the highest paying position for those with a postgraduate degree in engineering is the sub specialty of petroleum, which racks up an incredible £80,000 annually. Working on off shore oil rigs is lonely, not to mention hazardous, but not to worry as there are plenty of other specialties that you can venture into.

Computer Science In today's tech obsessed world, it's no surprise that a postgraduate degree in computer science will help you to earn top dollar. Whether you want to delve into the world of data mining or computer animation, computer science can be the key to open the doors.

You'll need to have a strong grasp of mathematics, as well as a fair amount of dedication and determination, but once you make it you'll be extremely sought after by big industry names. How much can you expect to make a year? Around £75,000!

Law There are two sorts of lawyers in the UK - barristers and solicitors. To practice as either you will need to complete a postgraduate degree in law , and or a conversion course. Following this you will need to undergo a training contract or a pupillage until you are officially qualified.

Once you are recognized you will be able to aid and advise clients in the management of their legal transactions, as well as represent them in criminal and civil court proceedings. Plus you'll have the opportunity to earn an impressive £80,000 a year.

Funding Your MBA Program

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Timmy Sept. 24, 2018, 4:03 p.m.

Hello. I have been out of university for fours years now and l will like to further myself up again. Looking for a new career to venture into. I will like an advice. Thanks

Charlotte King Sept. 27, 2018, 4:59 p.m.

Hi Timmy - a postgraduate degree is a great way to launch yourself into a new career - check out our How To Become A... section for some inspiration >

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