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Posted Nov. 27, 2012

Is Postgraduate Debt a Mountain too High to Climb?

Is the painful debt associated with higher education proving to be too much for prospective students?

We already knew that a huge percentage of students want to study at postgraduate level but can't afford it, but with the newly implemented fee hike seeing a rise to a whopping £9,000 this autumn, fresh fears are surfacing regarding turning undergraduates off further education completely.

With postgraduate study slipping further out of reach for undergraduates, the future of postgraduate education in the UK is rocky at best.

The Perfect Storm of Problems The combination of reluctant banks, changes in immigration, and increasing fees have combined to create the perfect storm when it comes to postgraduate study - a report by the Higher Education Commission has found.

Facing higher  tuition fees than any generation before, coupled with the fact that financial institutions are reluctant to part with their cash - prospective postgraduates are in for a rough ride.

Are the Costs of Postgraduate Study Unrealistic?

Tuition fees for all postgraduate degrees will vary depending on where you choose to study, as well as the duration of the course, the subject area, location of the course and university ranking .

As undergraduates start to pay higher tuition fees, thanks to recent hikes, it appears that many universities are also starting to charge more for postgraduate courses too. The average cost of postgraduate fees in 2012 was estimated at just under £6,200, but going forward students are looking at paying considerably more as universities start charging upwards of £8,000 on average.

Of course these figures are all averages, and it is still possible to find postgraduate courses for less than £4,000. The fact of the matter is, Britain's bright postgraduate students should not have to sacrifice their first choice of study in pursuit of a cheaper, more affordable alternative.

Is It Worth The Risk?

The most important issue by far is the realization that postgraduates are essential to both the current and future economic health of the UK. We need postgraduates to stay focused and determined in striving for their end goal of further education. With so many institutes and organizations becoming aware of this important fact, financial support will be on the horizon, however long it may take.

The costs of postgraduate study need to be viewed as in investment, not just in oneself, but in the country. The value of possessing a postgraduate degree has not wavered by any means, and it is still held in just as high regard, if not more so whilst we enter these trying times.

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