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Category – Universities - 2016

Posted Dec. 20, 2016

Top 10 Sports Psychology Masters Degree Courses In The UK & Europe

The field of sports psychology has gained a great deal of ground in the past 20 years. And if you decide on a career in Sports Psychology in the UK …

Posted Dec. 19, 2016

Top 10 Forensic Science Masters Degree Courses In The UK & Europe

Forensic Science is a very exciting area of study. Here is a summary of 10 great courses to study it at postgraduate level in Europe and the UK.

Posted Dec. 18, 2016

Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Masters Degree Courses In The UK & Europe

Many of the top Engineering Schools in the world are located in the UK and Europe. Study for these courses can be full time, part time or by distance learning. …

Posted Dec. 17, 2016

Top 10 Creative Writing Masters Degree Courses In The UK & Europe

Creative Writing is a popular postgraduate subject and oversubscription is common. Some of these courses are on a full-time, part-time or distance learning basis – and as you are no …

Posted Dec. 16, 2016

Top 10 Architecture Masters Degree Courses In The UK & Europe

There are two types of masters courses offered in Architecture. One is an MPhil, which tends to research-based learning and is for those wanting to study for a PhD. The …

Posted Dec. 9, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Study Your Postgrad Program in the USA

For lots of reasons, the United States has for a long time remained the first choice destination for students worldwide. Despite the rising emergence of several other competing learning destinations, …

Posted May 20, 2016

Top Sober Postgrad Student Exam Celebrations

Being teetotal – whether permanently or temporary – can be tricky when it comes to celebrating your exams. Well-meaning acquaintances want to buy you a drink, and everyone seems to …

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