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Posted Dec. 9, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Study Your Postgrad Program in the USA

Study in the USFor lots of reasons, the United States has for a long time remained the first choice destination for students worldwide. Despite the rising emergence of several other competing learning destinations, the popularity of US universities and colleges is not showing any signs of slackening.

But there must be good reasons why international students think that the US is the ultimate destination, the Holy Grail of postgrad education.

Here are five reasons:

1. Variety of study programs

Today, students have lots of career fields available to choose from. With so many options finding the most suitable postgrad study program and university can be a tricky choice to make.

About 50% of the top 50 universities in the world are located within the United States. Getting a postgraduate degree from one of these premier institutions that also offer a broad variety of popular study courses distinguishes you from your peers with similar career experiences and backgrounds.

2. Academic learning environment

Studying in the US provides you with an ideal environment for studying, characterised by flexible education methods. In the diverse fields of studies offered in American universities, the process of student development is continuous. The advanced facilities found in all American institutions include, state-of-the art labs, libraries and the latest computers all designed towards helping students, in addition to the direct assistance and support from university staff.

3. Pragmatic style of teaching

One of the hallmarks of the US university system is academic freedom. Different from most other countries, students will notice that the US has different styles of instruction where the focus is on observing and analysing problems, prior to seeking ways of solving them. Students are expected to listen to their classmates and professors, and to challenge the given points of view. The goal is to give students the ability and confidence to present and organise a credible argument.

4. Opportunities for international students

Postgraduate study is certainly an expensive venture, the reason why many students in the US find it advantageous to supplement their income from a part-time job during the holiday season. American society makes this possible and the majority of higher education institutions have put into place work/study programs on their campus to aid such students. Students also get encouraged to do some work as interns over the summer holiday months, for which they get awarded academic credits.

5. Learn and experience another culture

The majority of people are so engrossed in working and studying hard towards achieving success that they forget about their physical and emotional needs. As a postgraduate student, you can keep your motivation at the highest levels by participating in several activities, even learning more about your host country. The US is a vast country spanning six time zones, has a great diversity in terms of culture and geography. Summer holidays and the diverse programs organised by the respective international student's offices like host family schemes and holiday trips offer visiting students an excellent opportunity to experience and see more of the US. International students can also get involved in lots of campus clubs, sports, and organisations offered at American university.


Getting a postgrad degree from a US university opens the window for invaluable academic, personal and professional growth. With a degree from any of the leading universities in America, an infinite number of opportunities open up not only back home but globally. That is why over 700,000 international students in US universities can’t all be wrong.

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