Earn While You Learn: 5 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Cash As A Postgrad

Although it is a thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding undertaking, embarking on a postgraduate degree comes with its own set of challenges. For one, postgraduate study is expensive, which is why many students supplement their studies with income from a part-time job. Here are five ways to earn as you learn when you’re a postgraduate student.

1. Tutor Students

Tutoring is possibly one of the best ways you can earn a reliable income as a postgraduate student. You’re already well versed in your field of study, so why not pass that expertise along to GCSE and A-Level students who are in need of a helping hand. Working as a private tutor is a smart choice, as you can work flexible hours, and name your own fee. Tutors charge from £10 an hour, but depending on your expertise, you can charge anything from £30-£50 an hour.

2. Be An Exam Invigilator

It’s seasonal work, yes, but working as an exam invigilator can be a very lucrative undertaking for postgraduate students. Many universities limit their invigilator opportunities to postgraduate research students, so be sure to check any terms and conditions before you apply. University invigilators can earn up to £30-£40 per hour, and you’ll want to get your application in early, as places are usually snapped up pretty quickly.

3. Try Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to earn some extra money when you’re a student. You can pick your own hours, and while the pay may not match up to the lucrative world of private tutoring, the freedom of working where you want, when you want, makes this a worthwhile endeavour. Writing well in a specialist subject can increase your earning potential tenfold. Advertise your skills via your LinkedIn profile and check out student job sites.

4. Be A Student Brand Manager

Who said a job has to be boring? Working as a student brand manager is one of the best ways for postgraduate students to make a little extra cash, while also having fun. Did you know that certain companies, such as Red Bull, could pay you to promote their brand at your university? A student brand manager is responsible for anything from organising events (yes, I am talking about throwing parties!) to advertising a brand around campus.

5. Sell Your Old Books

If you have any books leftover from your undergraduate degree, now is a great time to sell them. University students spend so much money on books, and you’ll always be able to sell yours second-hand. Put up a notice on the college notice board or sell them online.

While there are many ways to make extra money as a postgraduate student, it’s also important to note that you should never sacrifice your studies or your own personal well being for the sake of a job. If you’re a postgraduate student, and feel that you can’t fit any extra work in, there are still many solutions you can explore in the shape of grants and bursaries.

A note for international students: Visa limitations may apply. Please refer to UK immigration procedures and visas before applying for any of the listed job opportunities.

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