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Posted Aug. 19, 2013

Tips for Getting an Internship as a Postgraduate

Internships are a wonderful way to get the experience necessary for getting access to or becoming eligible for job openings within a particular field and many times, employers give priority to those students who have direct association to a specific position. An internship allows you to get a glimpse of what the job is all about, and also lets you understand the pros and cons of a particular working environment. There are some companies or employers who want prospective employees to have a certain number of internships backing their credentials. Furthermore, internships allow employers to screen candidates and evaluate them before absorbing them as full-time employees. Internships are not only about stipends; they pave way for a promising and long-lasting career, regardless of the job sector or industry. In short, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Tips for Finding Internships as a Postgraduate One of the best ways to find an internship as a postgraduate is through your network. If you know a person working in an organisation that you are interested in, ask the person about internship opportunities within the organisation. This will allow you to get access to opportunities that are not advertised, and will also let you get more details on the organisation’s value and practices. It will also help you draft your cover letter and answer questions appropriately during the interview.

Alumni Directory is also a good place to start to look for graduates and postgraduates who are already working. You can make a list of graduates and postgraduates who are working in companies or organisations you are interested in and get in touch with the alumni to find out about internship opportunities for postgraduates. This will help you gather information about the potential internships, and will then help you decide which one you should pursue.

Speaking to the faculty at your college or university is also another way to extract information on possible internships that suit your qualifications. Often, professors and lecturers are in touch with companies and hiring heads, and have information on internships that are not advertised.

You also can search sites that are dedicated to internships; you may find possible openings that may interest you. These sites have features that allow you to select the industry, job function, location and even the time of the year to check for internships that are specifically meant for postgraduate students.

While there may not be too many internship opportunities for postgraduate interns, you can still get opportunities if you are willing to work hard to convince an organisation that hiring you as an intern would be a valuable investment for the organisation. Highlight your skills and ensure that the recruitment manager knows that you are flexible and willing to learn while on the job. This would require you to do research on the organisation and suggest areas where you can add value and make a meaningful contribution. You should have a concrete plan in place before you use this method of applying for an internship as a postgraduate.

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