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Job Hunting Tips


The internet is full of job hunting tips, and it can be a lot of work to sort through the variety of advice on offer – so that’s why we’ve done all the work for you! Here we’ll look at some general job hunting tips, some advanced job hunting tips, and some tips especially for postgrads, all designed to help you find that perfect career, whether your plan is to look for work locally or to move away for your career.

Keep your CV up to date
Have an up to date CV at all times. And not just content either. Some styles of CV go in and out of fashion, so make sure yours is bang on trend.

Have multiple CVs/templates
Spend an extra five minutes customising your CV to suit the job. Have a premade template that you can personalise for each application. This’ll give you an edge over the generic copy-and-paste CV many applicants send in. And make sure you don’t make any common mistakes either!

Make use of recruiting sites
Leaving your CV and details sitting up on a recruitment site, and signing up to regular emails can help your job search enormously.

Find something to keep you busy while looking for jobs. You’ll gain new skills and ensure you don’t have large gaps in your work history – which will reflect well in your CV.

Sometimes it really is who you know, so try and use what contacts you have. You can use events such as career fairs to make new contacts too.

Advanced Job Hunting Tips

Appear professional
Job hunting tips Don’t use your 10-year-old embarrassing hotmail address which seemed hilarious at the time you set it up... Create a brand new, professional sounding one to apply for jobs from – it’ll do wonders for your image and your first impression. On the same note, make sure your voicemail isn’t just suited for friends, but for the random strangers who’ll be calling you up regarding jobs. No swearing, joking, or anything like that – just a simple greeting that oozes class and professionalism.

Check your online presence
What happens when you Google your name? Is the top image result you passed out drunk in a field? Fun as university memories can be, they’re not the sort of image you want to be giving. Go through any social media sites you use and make sure they’re safe to be seen. Maybe even put your facebook profile on the highest privacy settings, just to avoid employers being able to hunt you down. In addition, why not make a Linked In account and make it as up to date as possible? As well as removing a negative online presence, creating a positive can be fantastic too .

There are plenty of sites that allow you to apply for freelance roles. From content writing to accountancy, there’s a whole bunch of work out there waiting. Whilst you’re polishing up your CV and sending out application after application, why not work too? This’ll also help you network, and will mean that you’re constantly building up a list of skills and previous work experience.

Advanced Job Hunting Tips for Postgrads

Don’t just look at big companies sometimes, when leaving university, you look straight to the big names. Take a slower look around, and check out the smaller ones. It may be more work, and they may be harder to find - but think of that as a positive. After all, they’ll be getting less applicants, and they’ll be desperate to hire some fresh young graduates!

Be critical have you sent out hundreds of applications with no luck? Don’t just blame the job market – take a good long look at your methods, your CV and your interview technique. Be harsh on yourself, because this is where you can make a difference. Change up what you’re doing and perfect your methods instead of just sending out the same thing repeatedly

Take your time it’s okay to take a temporary job whilst applying for more permanent career paths. Resist the temptation to jump straight in if you’re not sure what you want to do. It’s better for you to take some time and really know what you’re doing, and it’ll make your applications look better too. After all, employers love someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about the prospect of working for them, so making sure that enthusiasm is genuine will really help.

Go to career fairs Career fairs are the perfect place for recent graduates to look for jobs. Given the fairs are targeted at graduates, you know already that you’re likely to be what the recruiters are looking for. Check out our advice on how to make the most out of attending one.