Getting a Jump Start on the Job Force

DSC_0303aq It is very hard to imagine at times that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that will signal an end to your educational endeavours and boot you out into the work force. This is very true in relation to those who have pursued master degrees and PhDs . It is very easy to become fully absorbed in the educational component of your career and not realize that you may be missing out on some great resume building opportunities. The suggestions that follow are some ideas on how you can build your resume as a busy student.

Perhaps the first piece of advice you need is to remember, everyday is an opportunity to network . When you are carrying out everyday activities you will undoubtedly meet more than a few people who are in your area of study. The contacts you make while you are in university can be great resources when you are searching for jobs. Those who graduate and find employment before you may be present in some of the places that you yourself will be applying to. Developing positive repertoire could make a difference for you when the person already in their employ has only good things to say about you.

If you haven’t already, take advantage of internships opportunities . There may be opportunities offered through the educational institution or other employers open to someone in your area of study . These opportunities, depending on the degree you are pursuing, can include helping with research studies, aiding professors, or even assisting in workplaces that hire graduates from your program. These not only help you gain experience and build your resume, they are also excellent for collecting letters of recommendation for use in your job search.

distance learning Competitions and contests can be another impressive addition to your credentials . Creating essays or projects that take home a place in a contest can be the matter that sets you apart from the others in the employment race. These contests are most often found relating to sciences and the arts.

Volunteer for experience.

A volunteer position can be rewarding in other ways than just building your experiences. A volunteer position can allow you to help others and be an asset to an organization that really needs you. Employers look very favourably on those who take on volunteer positions as it reveals more about their personality. You may choose to volunteer in capacities that require you to be:

  • A children’s camp leader
  • Research assistant
  • Marketing or Public Relations assistant
  • Helpline councillor
  • Event coordinator

Regardless of the area where your specialization lies, you will be able to find an organization that is in dire need of your skills and expertise.

By preparing early and taking advantage of the situations that will allow you to create lasting experiences and contacts, you are being proactive about your future. When you are busy with education it is easy to lose sight of the need to build a skill set and experiences in order to show employers what you are capable of. A postgraduate degree is not able to stand on its own, you will also need to demonstrate to potential employers that you are able to function in different capacities and handle responsibilities. Early preparation and thought can save you a lot of post-university job search trauma.

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