10 Most Popular Degree Courses


Wanna know what the most popular degree courses are?

Check out the top ten below...


History With over 42,500 students currently studying history in university, it is the tenth most popular course. Students are encouraged to expand their analytical skills as they delve into the past and rediscover how things have ended up as they are today.


Biosciences The ninth most popular university course in the UK is biosciences, and there are now more than 45,975 students expanding their knowledge of this wide ranging subject. With a variety of specialist sectors from ecosystems of the African Savannah to cell division and cancer treatment, there are plenty of subjects to explore throughout this degree.


Nursing Due to a new government initiative in 2009 stating that all new nurses should have a degree qualification by 2013, take up on nursing degrees has increased dramatically. There are now more than 53,440 people studying nursing at university.


Education Approximately 56,200 students enrolled to study education last year. From would be school teachers to industry professionals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of learning principles, this course is vastly popular for anyone looking to further their knowledge in the sector .

6.  Psychology Psychology has been one of the most popular university courses for some time, as the fascination with the mind, relationships, and personality proves beneficial to a number of future career paths. Many top business moguls have harnessed the knowledge and understanding learned in their psychology degree and turned this into a multi-million pound company. There are an estimated 61,055 psychology students currently enrolled.


IT and Computer Science It comes as no surprise that IT and Computer Science degrees are now in the top 5. With our ever increasing dependency on computer technology, the employment opportunities for graduates with this degree is substantial. There are an average 62,670 students studying the course this year.


Art and Design There are currently more than 65,500 students studying art and design , and this subject has always been one of the most popular. Students are given the opportunity to expand their creativity, learn technical skills, and build their contextual and theoretical knowledge of their desired specialist subject.


Sociology and Social Study Sociology and Social Study covers all aspects of human life and social behaviour. It is a subject that can be applied to numerous different professions, so there are job opportunities galore for anyone with a sociology degree. This year more than 66,000 students enrolled for the course.


Law Consistently one of the most in demand university courses, Law has attracted an estimated 66,035 students to enroll this year. Law degree courses develop student’s communications and analytical skills, and provide a host of extremely sought after career prospects for graduates.

1.  Business and Management Studies Business and Management Studies have enrolled a staggering 124,375 students this year, making it the king of university courses this year. The course aims to prepare students for the challenges faced in the modern business world. These enrollment figures don’t even include the 38,000 people involved in specialty accounting and finance courses.


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