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Posted Nov. 28, 2016

Keeping Your Motivation Going As A Postgrad Student

Postgrad MotivationWe all get excited as we enrol and start our postgraduate studies. However, as the days pass by, sometimes our motivation for studies can fade significantly. While most people feel depressed at the lack the urge to move on, we need to remain motivated to achieve our ultimate goals. This article focuses on effective ways of keeping your momentum for studies as a postgraduate student. 

Focus on your physical self

Most people work hard to achieve success, but they forget to attend to their physical needs. Good physical health is directly proportional to good mental health. Therefore, lack of motivation for postgraduate students could be a result of their deteriorating physical self. Physical exercise not only improves a person’s physical health but also boosts motivation and creativity. Further, every physical activity reduces stress levels and sharpens mental clarity. As a postgraduate student, keep your motivation by doing a variety of physical activities. For instance, jogging, running, hitting the gym or even enrolling in yoga classes. 

Healthy eating is important

Good physical health cannot be achieved through exercise alone. Healthy eating habits play a significant role in improving your physical self. Research reveals that food affects your energy and mood levels. A healthy diet enhances your physical and mental health. Students can often opt for the quick and easy option of eating junk foods, and this can adversely affect their health. If you are one of the junk lovers, take a step to healthy eating habits and choose fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy balanced diet.

Maintain your sense of purpose

Having specific goals can give you the motivation to work hard towards achieving them. Focus on easy, short, timely and achievable goals. Once you’ve accomplished these short-term goals, you can then pursue the medium and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be attained daily, therefore, boosts your energy and increase your productivity to achieve the medium and long-term goals. 

Make use of your networks

You will never know the power of keeping in touch with friends, course mates and supervisors. If you are doing a postgraduate research, schedule regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss the progress of work including time frame and follow up on set goals. Doing so will keep you on the track and boosts your morale. Also make sure you organise study groups with course mates to discuss, share ideas, challenges and solutions. Keep in touch with academic staff and other peers, as if they are conversant with your area of study, they can offer valuable ideas, resources, knowledge and encouragement that can boost your morale.

Manage your time efficiently

Proper time management increases your productivity and entices you to set and attain your goals. Work on making progress in at least one activity each day as it boosts your morale. You might not accomplish everything, but it makes lots of difference to achieve at least one or several activities. Create time for recreational activities to rejuvenate your energy, relax your mind and keep you motivated. Inadequate sleep hinders productivity and keeps you demoralised so make sure you schedule adequate time for rest

Have a positive self-talk

Create some private conversation with yourself! Positive self-talk is known to build self-confidence, thereby keeping you motivated. Reward yourself for the accomplishments and encourage yourself to tackle your challenges.

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