Top Sober Postgrad Student Exam Celebrations

Party Popper Being teetotal – whether permanently or temporary – can be tricky when it comes to celebrating your exams. Well-meaning acquaintances want to buy you a drink, and everyone seems to head to the pub by default. But there are plenty of ways to celebration your student exams whilst sober, and here are some of our favourites: Oxbridge Style Trashing is one of the go-to celebration methods at Oxbridge, and, whilst it conventionally involves drinking, it doesn't have to. The basic idea behind trashing is that all your friends (who aren’t doing exams themselves!) turn up after your last one, and generally throw things at you like confetti, water, glitter, etc. Presents like chocolate, balloons or silly little mementos are thrown around, and then you spend the rest of the day parading around being shiny, happy and just a little bit damp. Great both as celebration and vengeance, just make sure you’re not going so far with it that you litter everywhere as that’s the quickest way to have everyone’s fun shut down.

Kid Style Why not throw a kid-themed party? Jelly and ice-cream, party games, the whole boat. Most people secretly love anything that’s vaguely childish, so get digging out those Disney DVDs, prepping the cakes and heading back to your childhood days. After all, it’ll soon be time to be a real adult with a real job, so take advantage of this period between exams and work to be a huge kid again!

Burning Style OK, so a word of warning with this one: maybe wait till results come through in case you need to do re-sits, or only do it to things you have backups of. However there is a certain catharsis to burning old coursework. Wait until everyone’s finished and then have a huge bonfire (in a safe location) which you can pile your work upon. Watching the sparks fly can give you a great sense of satisfaction, plus there’s nothing quite like getting chilling out with a bunch of friends in front of a bonfire.

Road Trip Style Even if you don't own a car, this is doable thanks to the joy of renting. Why not take a weekend (or more!) away from the university and the city itself, and head on a road-trip? It’ll give you the chance to step back and away from the place that’s just been the center of your world (and maybe your stress) for that last few months. Whether it’s visiting other university friends, or simply heading out camping, setting out on a road trip is a great way to clear your head and chill out after your exams are done.

No Style At All...

It’s important to realise that finishing your exams can leave you feeling a bit adrift and lost, and if that’s the case, don’t feel like you have to celebrate. Maybe you want to wait until you get your results, or move house, or get a new job to throw a huge celebration – and that’s perfectly fine too. Besides, it’s not like there’s going to be a shortage of celebrating to join in with!

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