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International Students in Australia

Getting ready to leave home for the first time or for the first time in a long time is not easy – especially if you are
going to a far-flung destination.

If you are planning on studying your masters degree in Australia as an international student you'll have plenty to
think about and to do, but if you plan things properly you’ll be able to relax and arrive in Australia ready to start your
postgraduate course. 

Here is the breakdown of the location of international students in Australia in 2017.

International Students in Australia


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international students in australiaHere are some of the considerations you will need to take into account when preparing to be an international student in Australia.

Prepare To Leave Home 

Getting yourself ready to leave the town or city that you have called home for your whole life or even for a few years is never easy. You'll have friends and family who will want to spend time with you before you set off, and if the destination is far away you'll be even keener to see everyone before you go. Try to relax, and make sure you enjoy your last few weeks at home, remember, it's nearly impossible to do everything you want to before you leave. Do make sure you sort out your funding and student visa in plenty of time to avoid stress. If you set off for your new home in a calm frame of mind and you'll be ready to get going the moment you arrive for your PG course. 

Prepare For Life In Australia 

Life in Australia is very much focussed on the great outdoors so be prepared to embrace this and arrive with a friendly, open attitude. Unless you come from a country with a similar climate think about setting aside some of your budget to buy suitable clothing when you arrive. The sunshine can be very harsh in Australia so you'll want to bring a suitable hat if you are arriving with the start of the academic year in February. Consider purchasing things like sunscreen when you arrive in Australia, as the products available to buy in a country with weaker sunshine, such as the UK, may not be suitable and will also take up valuable suitcase space. Make sure you bring a few small things to remind you of home for your new accommodation, and try to keep a little bit of cash back to make your room more comfortable to help you settle in

Culture Vulture 

Australian culture is varied and has a wide range of influences. As the British Monarch is the head of state, there is a heavy influence from the UK, but the climate, people who have immigrated to Australia from other countries and the Aboriginal people all contribute to a unique and special way of life. People are often very focused on the outdoors with sports and outdoor pursuits being a significant part of leisure time for many Australians. The food culture of the big cities reflects the local produce and people who have moved there more recently, so you will find plenty of Asian influences in the cuisine in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. 

Climate Control 

The desert area of central Australia is known as the Outback and in these areas, the temperatures in the summer months can reach up to 50°C! In the northern parts of Australia, the weather is more tropical with hot and humid summers and wet winters. During the winter months, there can be a lot of rainfall and there are tropical cyclones in the northern parts of Australia. Southern parts of Australia and Tasmania are cooler, with summer temperatures reaching 25°C to 30°C and winter temperatures reaching down to 5°C to 10°C. There are mountainous regions in the south of Australia and in Tasmania where there is snow all year and very cold conditions during the winter. 

Fellow International Students 

Its proximity to Asia and the ability to study in English while living in an English speaking country make Australia a very popular place for international students from countries such as China, Korea and Thailand. Australia, New Zealand and some other Pacific Ocean nations have a visa-free travel policy and in Australia, they are not counted as international students, so you will find plenty of people from these countries as well. International students are spread all over the country, but the states of New South Wales and Victoria are popular places to study for international students, whilst there are relatively few international students in the Northern Territories. 

Find a postgraduate program in AUSTRALIA

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